Character Pillow Gallery

This page is a gallery of all (well most) of the Character pillows I have done since starting my sewing business. Please feel free to browse and look for ideas for custom pillow orders and I really do hope you find something you like. Please keep in mind that these are only a gallery of examples. I cannot promise to be able to duplicate any of the designs here and they are by no extent the only designs I can do. I am willing to work with you to choose any fabric that is available to make your pillow character exactly how you want it to be.

When starting a custom order, keep in mind that the shape of the pillow works better for some characters than for others. Dresses do not translate well to the pillow shape, and characters that are mostly one color are hard to distinguish. Someone like Snoopy, does not look like Snoopy when changed into a square white pillow with eyes.

You can start a custom order with me using any of the methods below to contact me directly. If you contact me directly I will invoice you through PayPal, including a detailed order form scanned in with my notes on your order.

Instagram DM | @stormandstars
E-Mail |

If you would prefer to work through my Etsy shop you can contact me there. My Etsy shop info is below.

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If you are looking for my other items such as monster pillows or my bow clutches you can find those at the link below.

Gallery |

Thor - $200

Wolverine (X-Men) - $175
Mickey Mouse - $125
Panda - $75
Shabby Chic Owl - $115
Tank Girl - Not Available For Sale
Purple Owl - $85
Patrick Star (Spongebob Squarepants) - $125
Pink Ranger (Power Rangers) - $125
Moonrise Kingdom - $85
Loki - $200
Lightening McQueen - $150
Jamaican Flag Monster - $100
Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who) - $150
TARDIS (Doctor Who) - $150
Totoro - $125
Patchwork Monster - $100
Mater (Cars) - $125
Fluttershy (My Little Ponies) - $175
 Bob The Builder - $225
Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas) - $125
America (Hetalia) - $175
Hello Kitty - $100
Goku - $175
Dalek (Doctor Who) - $275
Cow Kitty - $125 (Custom Cat, this exact cat not available)
Cheese Spider (Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2) - $150
Boston Bruins Bear - Not Available for Purchase
Eleventh Doctor (Doctor Who) - $150
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Choice of Mask Color) - $225

Enderman (Female) (Minecraft) - $85

Bumblebee (Transformers) - $125
Bad Care Bear - $175
Batman - $175
British Flag (Monster Version) - $150
Conan Edogawa - $175
Endermann (Minecraft) - $75
Finn (Adventuretime) (Version 2.0) - $125

Finn (Adventuretime) (Version 1.0) - $100
Iron Man - $100
Minecraft Mashup - $85
Oshawatt (Pokemon) - $175
Robin - $150
Big Daddy - $250

Owl (Version 1.0) - $85

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