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This page is a gallery of all (well most) of the Monster pillows I have done since starting my sewing business. Please feel free to browse and look for ideas for custom pillow orders and I really do hope you find something you like. Please keep in mind that these are only a gallery of examples. I cannot promise to be able to duplicate any of the designs here and they are by no extent the only designs I can do. I am willing to work with you to choose any fabric that is available to make your pillow monster exactly how you want it to be.

You can start a custom order with me using any of the methods below to contact me directly. If you contact me directly I will invoice you through PayPal, including a detailed order form scanned in with my notes on your order.

Instagram DM | @stormandstars
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If you would prefer to work through my Etsy shop you can contact me there. My Etsy shop info is below.

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If you are looking for my other items such as Character pillows or my bow clutches you can find those at the link below.

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Pillows are $65. Glow Thread is $5 extra.

Eddie Print with Star Eyes

Black and White Damask

Yellow Floral

Teal Owls (01)

Pink Skulls

Teal Chevrons


Green Swirls

Woof Print

Monster Print

Dark Hello Kitty 01

Neon Leopard

Gradient Butterflies 01

Minty Zebra

Blue Galaxy

Big Eyes

Hello Kitty Argyle 01

Purple Chevrons

Pink Chevrons with Dasies

Blue Floral

Best Buddies

Hello Kitty Heads

Green Plaid

Hello Kitty Bows

Dark Hello Kitty 02

Tutu Cupcakes

Michigan State

Dark Floral

Grey Floral

Damask With Bow

Damask With Bow

Damask With Bow

Checked Rainbow

Sofia The First Print

Country Plaid

Vintage Care Bears

Purple Butterflies

Purple Owls

Ice Cream

Doctor Who Print

Captain America Print

Cars Print

Pink Chevrons

Pink and Black Damask

Minnie Print

Yellow Skulls

Yellow Skulls

Gradient Butterflies 02


Christmas Mustaches

Pastel Elephants

Darth Vader

Darth Vader

Thing One and Thing Two

Thing One and Thing Two


Blue Swirls

Teal Owl 02

Eddie Print with Panda Eyes

Teal with Bunny Ears

Halloween Chandeliers
Red and Cream Chevrons
 The monsters after this text are some of the first I ever made and hold a special place in my heart. This is before my shop felt real, before I knew how to stage a decent product photo and before I had perfected my monsters. I hope you enjoy them as much as the ones above.


Pastel Rainbow Stripes

Marvel with Stripes

Original Hello Kitty Argyle

Black and White Dots

Green Stars and Rainbows

Pink Hello Kitty


Planet Mouth

Grey with Hearts

Blue Stars

Mickey Print

Glitter Paisley

Planet Ears

Pastel Star Swirls

More Marvel

Yellow and Black Plaid

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