Hello. I'm Lex, blogger, nail artist, small business owner and overall artist and photographer. I became interested in nail art and nail polish back in 2013 when I purchased my first nail polish in over 10 years after seeing a manicure on Pinterest with a lovely dandelion design on it. I quickly became more interested in nail art and the world of nail bloggers. I joined Instagram, followed as many nail blogs as I could get my hands on, dove in head first and here we are.

Over time I have learned a wealth of information both online and through other nail artists and bloggers. I have reviewed my fair number of nail lacquers and worked with countless Indie brands and even a couple Mainstream brands. Everything I do and post here adds to my love of nail polish and the nail art world.

I love to meet and chat with other nail artists and nail polish enthusiasts, and I encourage you to contact me at if you ever have any questions!