Monday, April 29, 2013

Messy Speckled Eggs from Jessi

Hi Gals and Guys!

I have a nice surprise for you if you make it to the end of this post. Think you can handle that? Yes? Well lets get started then!

Today I have a wicked awesome collection for you by brand new brand Messy Jessi Lacquers. I'm sometimes skeptical to try brand new polish brands because I don't know what to expect, but everything about Messy Jessi was so professional and well thought out that I knew the polish would be as well. Jessica was a pleasure to work with and I could not have asked for a better experience as a reviewer.

The Messy Jessi Speckled Egg Collection is a series of 6 shades and one LE glitter topper (which unfortunately was only available during the preorder, but I'll show here anyways.) They all had just about the same formula... AMAZING.

First up for you all I have Easter Bunny

I love all the colors, but this one holds a bit of a special place in my heart. I wore this purple during the "Purple for Boston" as I live in Boston and Jessica is originally from the area I thought it would be a nice tribute. Also, its a stunning color and I loved wearing it. Easter Bunny was on my nails for 4 days and I couldnt even see any tipwear before I took it off. <3

Want to see more? Click away!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Study In Final Fantasy Polish

Hi Gals and Guys!

I know, I know, I said this would be up yesterday, but you know... MOVING!! I just can't keep up with everything. I'll be all in on May first and I'm DYING to do some nail art for you all. My polish is looking very sad at the moment!

Any of you who follow me on Instagram should know that I had a nail art contest a bit ago. Well one of the winners @astudyinpolish has her own polish line under the same name. So introducing A Study In Polish Nail Lacquer!

Morgan contacted me shortly after her win to ask if I would be willing to review her Final Fantasy line of lacquers. As a fellow geek I just had to oblige. :)

First up for you I have Wark!

Wark! is a yellow crelly with blue and orange glitters in it. Its super soft and pretty!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Royal Femme Fatale and the Ever Changing Waters

Hi Gals and Guys!

Sorry I've been MIA, but I have some exciting news! I'm moving!

My girlfriend and I found a beautiful loft that we both absolutely love. It has super amounts of sunlight and huge windows and high ceilings and I can't wait to be all moved in. :)

Unfortunately moving has seriously cut into my polish time!

I'll hopefully have two posts for you today, if not today, then I'll have the 2nd one tomorrow. :)

Today I have two beautiful colors for you from a new to me indie brand Femme Fatale Lacquer. First up is my favorite of the two, Royal Rubies:

I DIE I DIE I DIE!! How freaking beautiful is this??? Wanna see more?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dirty Jaded Fantasy Nails

Hi again!

Tonight I have some great colors to show you!

Jaded Nail Co. was a new to my brand before this, but I'm sure I'll be going back for more after these. :)

First up is the brightest of the bunch and is from the Dirty Fantasy Neon Collection. Purple People Peener is a bright fuchsia jelly neon with shifting glitter throughout.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Storm n Stars Is A Polish Addict

I have some super pretty polish for you tonight and one very extra special one!

I was approached a while back by Laura of Polish Addict and she asked me if I would mind if she created and named a polish after my blog. I was so taken aback! Have I gotten that popular?? Wow! Of course I said yes!!

So here is the polish dubbed Storm n Stars by Polish Addict!

There is glitter!! Soooooo much glitter! And blue jelly goodness with stars! (Of course there are stars!)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Its Finally Springtime In Wonderland

Hi there everyone!

I know, it has been a while, and I'm very sorry, once again. I just can't seem to get a scheduling working for me, but I promise I am still trying. Some things are going on with me in my every day life that is making it hard to keep my nail blogger life on track. Fortunately, I'm taking steps to clear up that mess and am working on not taking on as much so I don't get burnt out and miss blog posts for weeks at a time.

Enough of that! Today I have for you a beautiful glitter collection from Nail Sauce by Feliifel called Springtime In Wonderland that she was nice enough to send me for review! Today is a perfect day to post these because it finally seems like spring is coming here in Boston! I can even feel the heat of the sun coming in through the windows as I type this!

Shall we get started? First up is one of my favorites from the collection and the one based on Alice herself. This is FabAlice

Isn't she beautiful? I layered two coats of FabAlice here over one coat of China Glaze Hanging In The Balance and there is no topcoat for these photos. I love the jelly base in this one, and you could probably reach full opacity with FabAlice alone, but you would most likely need about 4 coats. I would much rather preserve the polish and layer it over something similar. :)

Click on Read More for the rest of the collection!