Sunday, March 15, 2015

Doctor Lacquer - Something Spacial: Galaxies

I'm back with a very spacial post today. (See what I did there? Haha.) Today I have for you part of the Something Spacial collection from Doctor Lacquer. These four lacquers are the Galaxy portion of this collection and let me tell you, they do not disappoint! These four polishes are both color shifting and thermal and all are absolutely perfect.

I'm going to get right into the photos cause I really can't explain them. First up is the beautiful Cartwheel.

Cartwheel is a mostly teal green toned lacquer with a ton of shimmer. This baby changed from a deep beautiful teal lacquer when cold to a light almost grey with a gorgeous aqua shimmer when warm.

Shown here is the transitional state of the lacquer from warm near my cuticles to cold at the tips.

 I painted two coats of Cartwheel on over my favorite base coat for these images then I added one coat of topcoat. All four of the Galaxy lacquers dry to a matte finish, but I wanted to show you all on at least one of them how shimmery they are when shiny.

I found the formula to be on the thin side, but pretty easy to work with. I suggest not going over one spot too many times as it can cause some dragging, but that could have been my base as I only had that issue on my first coat.

Next up, and my favorite of this collection, is Milky Way.

Milky Way is a deep blackened purple shimmer that leans magenta in some lights. When warmed up, it shifts to a pearly greyed out white with a beautiful purple or magenta shimmer.

Shown in these images is the warm state with the cold state on my tips. The transition here is harsher than in the other photos because my apartment was so cold that night, I had a hard time getting it to change!

I again, used two coats of Milky Way for these images. I did not use topcoat as I fell in love with the matte finish of these and didn't feel they needed any additional shine to be beautiful.

The formula was thin, but easy to work with and built up nicely.

Whirlpool is another beauty.

Whirlpool is almost the darker meaner cousin of Cartwheel. It has that teal shimmer, but it is blackened and greyed out more. It is really really lovely in person, though I think a little was lost in translation in the photos.

I used two coats of Whirlpool on my nails for these swatches. The formula was the same as the others and dried quickly. 

These images show the transitional state of the lacquer from warm at my cuticles to cold at the tips. For some reason my middle finger did not want to warm up for these swatches, so that one is mostly the cold state of the polish.

Last up (insert sad face here) is another of my favorites. This is Andromeda.

Andromeda is a beautiful deep blue toned lacquer with bright blue shimmer and a greyed out base.

This gorgeous polish shifts from a greyed out blue when warm to a deep blackened blue when cold. Shown here is the transition between the two.

I found the formula on this one to be the best, though similar. I used two coats of Andromeda with no topcoat for these images.

What do you think of the Something Spacial Galaxies?

You can find these and other Doctor Lacquer polishes in their shop either on Storenvy or Etsy. Don't forget to follow Angelyn on social media so you can keep up to date with collections, releases, sales and restocks as well as see other swatches of her lacquers!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Born Pretty Store - Silver Holo Foil

Back again this week with another Born Pretty Store nail art review for you! This time I am reviewing some silver holographic nail foil. It works like transfer paper, and you rub the foil onto your nail for an abstract effect. I really had fun with this. It was great to let go and not worry about perfection for once.

I started out with a dark base for this manicure because foil is bright silver and I really wanted it to stand out. My base here is Stardust Polish Back Seat Bingo.

To apply the foil I started with a completely dry base color. This is a great way to refresh a mani that is a day or two old. I addeda coat of topcoat and waited for it to start drying, but be a little tacky still. Then I laid the sheet of foil over each nail and rubbed on the back, then lifted. Where I rubbed the back, the foil stayed adhered to my nail.

I love the distressed look this gives while still being shiny and holographic.

The one issue I found while using this foil is that I've seen that you shouldn't topcoat it, so I did not, but later that day when I used my cuticle oil, all the foil on my nails rubbed right off. I'll have to try using topcoat and see how it goes, but this may only be a one night mani.

Overall I was really happy with the foil. I feel like it worked well and was easy to do.

You can purchase Born Pretty Store Nail Foils over here. They retail for $1.99 USD and you can use them many times, as there is plenty on the sheet. Use my code AGBQ10 for 10% off your entire order. As always, Born Pretty Store provides free worldwide shipping on all orders!


***Nail Foil was provided by Born Pretty Store for my honest review. Stardust Polish Beack Seat Bingo was provided for a previous review. All base and top coats were purchased by me. Please see my disclosure page for more information.***

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Born Pretty Store - Nail Shield

Hi All!

I have another nail art review for you today! This is a 3D nail art decoration from Born Pretty Store. I've been wanting to try nail shields for a long time so when I saw Born Pretty had them I knew I wanted to give them a shot finally.

I chose the one I saw with the star (of course) and I ordered... only I think I forgot a step. The one where I take the measurements from the site and compare it to my fingernails. So it is... well... a little large for my nail haha. I always thought I had average sized nails but apparently they are smallish. So I apologize in advance for the fact that this shield is way too big for my nails. Other than that I love it!

I started with a base of Jolie Polish - White Crelly on my index, middle and ring fingers and a base of OPI Pussy Galore on my thumb and pinkie.

I added some small dots in a bright pink holographic polish, Doctor Lacquer - Annatto, using a very small dotting tool.

I then topcoated my index, middle and ring fingers and before the ring finger was dry I pressed the nail shield into the wet topcoat.

If I was planning on wearing this out I would have used some nail glue to adhere the shield, but I knew I wasn't going to wear it out when I realized it was too large.

So there you have it! Other than the fact that I didn't check out the sizes on the shields before ordering when compared with my own nails, I really love this! I feel like it would be too much for every day wear, but for a formal evening or a holiday it would be perfect.

Have you ever experimented with 3D nail art? What did you think?

You can purchase Born Pretty Store Nail Shields over here. They retail for $2.99 USD. Use my code AGBQ10 for 10% off your entire order. As always, Born Pretty Store provides free worldwide shipping on all orders!


***Nail Shield was provided by Born Pretty Store for my honest review. Doctor Lacquer Annatto and Jolie Polish White Crelly were provided for a previous reviews. All Other items and lacquers were purchased by me. Please see my disclosure page for more information.***

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jolie Polish - Wake Up To Makeup Collection

Provided for Review

I have some lovely new crelly and jelly shades here for you from the always wonderful Jolie Polish and her Wake Up To Makeup Collection. This collection consists on two nude shades, a pink and a beautiful red jelly. 

I'm just going to get right to it! First up is There's Mauve To Love.

There's Mauve to Love is a fantastic pink crelly with a really great formula.

I used two coats of this lacquer and no topcoat for these images, I just didn't need it. The formula is really great as usual with these shades.

The first of the two nude shades is A Whole Latte Mani.

I love the name and I love this polish. I would say this shade is less yellow than it is showing in photos. When I had it on it was really the perfect mannequin hand color for my skin. I'm really not sure why it photographed like this, but its lovely either way!

 I used three coats of A Whole Latte Mani for these swatches and added one coat of topcoat for the photos. Definitely use a light hand on this crelly due to its sheerness, but the formula is still really good.

The second of the two nude lacquers is Espresso Contour.

This caramel colored jelly is so super pretty!

 I used three coats of Espresso Contour for these shots, but no topcoat. The formula was thin, but easy to work with, it went on really nicely.

Last up is my favorite from this collection, a juicy shade called Face Beat.

Squish squish!  Love how jelly this beautiful deep red is!!

 I used three coats of Face Beat for these pictures. It was a little sticky on the first coat, but then was fine after. It could have been the base I used for the swatch. I would use a light hand on the first coat just in case though. I added a single coat of topcoat to this to really make it shine and look extra squishy!

So that is it! I love all four of these shades, but Face Beat is my pick for must have. 

These and other Jolie Polish products and lacquers are available in the Jolie Polish Shop. Don't forget to follow Jolie Polish and Bory the creator on social media to keep up to date on sales, collections and swatches!

***All Jolie Polish lacquers were provided for my honest review. Top and base coats were purchased by me. Please see my disclosure page for more information.***

Monday, February 9, 2015

Nvr Enuff Polish - Fright Night Collection

Ok, so this is another late post (I know, I'm sorry, bear with me.) so these lacquers are not available any longer. I still want to show them to you because Lynnae and ALix of Nvr Enuff Polish make awesome lacquers and they continue to put out quality product. I hope you can find something else on their site that calls to you even if you can't get these.

This collection is their Halloween 2014 collection, the Fright Night Collection. It consists of four lacquers inspired by horror movies!

First up from Nvr Enough Polish is Valley Of The Dolls.

Valley of the Dolls is a dusty mauve creme based lacquer loaded with shimmer and some coppery micro glitter. I was super happy with how this went on the nail and how the color looked with my skin tone.

I used just two coats of Valley of the Dolls for full opacity and the formula was really really great. It dried slightly textured, so I added one thick coat of topcoat for these photos.

Next up is one of the two jelly based lacquers. This one is Requiem for a Dream.

Requiem is a deep blue jelly lacquer absolutely stuffed full of glitter and loaded up with shimmer. It looks like underwater in the depths and beyond.

I used two coats of Requiem for a Dream for these images. I had a little trouble with keeping the glitter even just because there is so much of it. I suggest dabbing to get an even coat. The formula on the base is top notch though. This one also dries slightly textures, but a coat of topcoat fixed that for me.

Next up is Donnie Darko.

Donnie Darko is a light blue creme based lacquer with a subtle shimmer and some darker flakies throughout. One note I need to make about this polish is that it apparently glows in the dark. I didn't realize when I was swatching and I didn't take photos, but Alix says it definitely glows. How great!!

 I used two coats of Donnie Darko plus a coat of topcoat for these swatches. The formula was on the thicker side, but super easy to work with and the polish dries very slightly textured.

Last up is my favorite as per usual! This one is The Shining.

Let us all ooh and aah together. Ooooooooo Ahhhhhhhhhh!

The Shining is a deep red jelly based lacquer with super sparkly fiery glitter throughout. It is absolutely beautiful!!

 This is the only lacquer of this collection that I used undies on. I started with a base of Jolie Polish Face Beat since I already had it on from swatching that collection and the color was just perfect for it.

I added one coat of The Shining and then a coat of topcoat to finish everything off and smooth it out. The formula was really great and dried slightly textured. I used one coat of top coat, but for a perfectly smooth finish you might want to use two depending on how thick your top coat of choice is.

And that's all! I love this collection, the polish is gorgeous and they all have great formulas and are easy to work with. This is the quality I have come to love from Nvr Enuff Polish.

If you love these lacquers hear over to Nvr Enuff and check out what else they are selling!

Don't forget to follow them on social media in order to keep up to date on new collections, sales and giveaways as well as to see other blogger's swatches.

I hope you enjoyed!

***All Nvr Enuff Polish lacquers were provided for my honest review. Jolie Polish Face Beat was also provided for review which will be coming in the future. Salon Perfect Topcoat was provided for my honest review. All base coats were purchased by me. Please see my disclosure page for more information.***