Thursday, October 29, 2015

Did you miss me?

Did you miss me?

I know I know, it has been an awfully long time. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been slightly more active over there, but... my blog fell to the wayside. I'm so sorry.

Life sometimes gets in the way of online life and when you're also dealing with personal issues, everything compounds. I do my best to be active here, but unfortunately sometimes my life gets to where I have to make myself the most important person. I've had some of those moments over the last few months and I had to make the decision to step away until I was able to come back.

If you've been following me for a while you know that I am not shy about the fact that I have major depression and anxiety disorder. I've been struggling with both lately and I had to make the decision that I was more important than my blog or my shop or whatever else was going on with my online life. I'm playing catch up now, but while I was away I came to an important decision.

This blog was started as somewhere I could share more about my nails and my art. It was somewhere that I could post reviews of colors I loved and post lots of photos of nail art I did. Somewhere along the way it stopped being my soapbox and became a place of stress and anxiety for me. My posts went from excited to business. I stopped doing nail art and spend countless hours painting my nails then taking it off and painting my nails then taking it off. It's gotten tiring.

Now don't get me wrong... I love polish and it is a big part of my life still. I don't mind taking a review job here and there, but it has to be a brand I love. It has to be a brand like Sweet Baby by Donna, Nvr Enuff Polish or Doctor Lacquer, where I really stand behind them and their brand. I don't want to get burnt out again, and for the most part, I'll be posting only on my Instagram. I'm going to be trying to get one post up here every other week to start, whether it is nail art or a review.

If you've gotten through all of this I commend you. I think I've been rambling for the most part. The bottom line is, I need to take a step back and not expect as much out of myself. I want this blog to be something I love again. If you have Instagram PLEASE go follow me there, because I am there much more often. (Also there are kitty photos.)

One last thing, I have a few reviews that have been mostly done for ages now, but haven't been posted. I'm going to start posting them the next couple days since they're so late, but I hope you enjoy.

Much Love,


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