Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Royal Femme Fatale and the Ever Changing Waters

Hi Gals and Guys!

Sorry I've been MIA, but I have some exciting news! I'm moving!

My girlfriend and I found a beautiful loft that we both absolutely love. It has super amounts of sunlight and huge windows and high ceilings and I can't wait to be all moved in. :)

Unfortunately moving has seriously cut into my polish time!

I'll hopefully have two posts for you today, if not today, then I'll have the 2nd one tomorrow. :)

Today I have two beautiful colors for you from a new to me indie brand Femme Fatale Lacquer. First up is my favorite of the two, Royal Rubies:

I DIE I DIE I DIE!! How freaking beautiful is this??? Wanna see more?

I layered two coats of Royal Rubies over one coat of Cult Nails Evil Queen and it was simply perfect. These photos don't even do the amount of glitterning going on justice. Super pretty.

I did need two coats of Seche Vite to make this smooth and glossy, but it was worth it. The only problem I had with this polish at all was it had a very strong smell, which reminded me of Kleancolor. But honestly, it was worth it to have this beauty on my nails.
Next up is a thermal polish. For those of you who may not know, thermal polish changes color depending on the temperature. This one is called Ever Changing Waters and first up I have the color of the polish in the bottle, which is its color when cold.
Look at that beautiful squishy jelly blue! I think this is 4 coats, but if you dont mind a little VNL you could get away two or three, or if you have an undie color close to the warm color you would use that as well.

Below is the same polish transitioning from hot to cold.

I dipped my hand in warm water and held it there until the nails were completely green then I started taking photos as it cooled in the air. The effect was really cool. I could do this all night...

You can find Femme Fatale Lacquer at their store. Full size bottles run for $8.00.
You can also follow the brand on their Instagram @femmefatalelacquer and on Facebook at


  1. WOW*WOW*WOW!!! That first picture of Royal Rubies took my breath away, it doesn't even look real!!

  2. amazing post!!! nothing about this i don't totally love!

    1. Thank you! I have to say... it means so much when I see your comments. You are one of my very favorite bloggers and I do get a bit fangirly.

  3. These are truly beautiful! Cynthia did an awesome job! I bet that thermal effect is awesome to play with. Thermals and UV reactive polishes are totally missing from my stash and I need to change that ASAP! I love both the hot and cold color of Ever Changing Waters. Stunner.

    1. You really need to fix that!! They are sooo much fun to play with. :)

  4. Wow, the ruby one is stunning!! Would you say the blue one is Tardis blue??

    1. I would say it has too much green in it for TARDIS blue. If you're looking for a great TARDIS blue try Time Traveler by Cult Nails. It's my favorite dark blue.

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