Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dirty Jaded Fantasy Nails

Hi again!

Tonight I have some great colors to show you!

Jaded Nail Co. was a new to my brand before this, but I'm sure I'll be going back for more after these. :)

First up is the brightest of the bunch and is from the Dirty Fantasy Neon Collection. Purple People Peener is a bright fuchsia jelly neon with shifting glitter throughout.

I love how bright and cheery this one is. It went on easily and wasn't too thick or thin. There was a bit of pigment floating around in the bottle, but it wasn't very obvious on the nails and Jaded Nail Co. promises she will strain them from now on. These photos are 3 coats with Seche Vite topcoat.

Unicorn Kisses is a white crelly polish with soft shades glitter including pretty pink stars! You all know how much I love stars. I layered this over Essie Marshmallow to keep the soft effect of the crelly.

I had no formula issues with Unicorn Kisses and it wasn't thick or dragging like some white crellies can be. If you like soft white glitter shades this one is a great one to pick up.

Last up tonight is Cootie Shot. Two words for you CIRCLE GLITTER! I love me some round glitter.

Oh yea... did I mention its also gorgeous?! Stars and squares and circles and a really pretty base color that Cult Nails Manipulative is the perfect undies color for. I did one coat over two coats Manipulative for these swatches and they matched exactly.

Jaded Nail Co. polish can be purchased in their shop. Right now only Purple People Peener is available there, but hopefully the others will restock soon!


  1. Qué lindos todos!!!!!!

    besos :)

    1. I wish I knew that this said, but thank you I think!

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  3. Purple People Peener is my favorite of the bunch!!

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