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New Brand Alert! | Gamer Gloss

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I know I know, it has been a while, but bear with me, because I am almost caught up in my shop, which means more time for nails!

Today I have a brand new indie polish brand to share with you. Brianna from Gamer Gloss started as a customer and then asked if I would be willing to swatch and review her premier collection of gamer themed polishes. As a self-proclaimed geek of course I said YES!

I have to admit that I may have to turn in my geek card for this one though, the collection is based on Foxhound, and I had no idea what that was when I got the collection. I have since read a quick wiki so I know it is part of Metal Gear and that the colors are mostly named after characters in a black ops unit. I love the geeky side of beauty!

There are seven colors in this collection, one thermal, one glow, four glitters with colored bases and one glitter topper. Lets start with the glow.

This baby is Psycho Mantis.

I have to stop right here and admit. I was not excited about this color in the bottle. I'm not really a yellow lover and this had kinda a mustardy tone to it. BUT once I got it on my nails I really actually fell in love. The color got much warmer on my nails because it is a bit sheer and my skin showed through a bit. The color was almost a perfect match to my beloved Boston Bruins (who were playing while I swatched this and won... good luck maybe?) 

I used three coats of Psycho Mantis for this opacity and the formula was DIVINE. Here I need to also point out that these photos are sans topcoat. That's right, a glow polish with an amazing formula that dries super awesomely smooth and shiny. ♡ ♡ ♡ Oh... did I say glow? That's right... GLOW!

Ok, so this glowed brighter, but my phone so did not want to pick it up. I still can't believe this glowed so bright and still had this fantastic formula. Color me impressed.

We're off to a great start, now how about one of those glitters.

This is Vulcan Raven.

I love anything grey, so you know I love this. I don't usually like the pearly polishes, but this skimmed the line between metallic and pearl and I think it actually works really well.

 I used 3 thin coats of Vulcan Raven plus top coat for this manicure. The formula was good, but a bit sheer. I did notice that there are some hearts in this bottle but I couldn't manage to get any on my brush.

Next up is Revolver Ocelot.

Revolver Ocelot is a brown crelly with reddish tones. There is small gold hex glitter throughout.

 This had a really good formula and I used 2 coats for full coverage. I topped it off with Wicked Fast topcoat for the photos.

How about a thermal? I know you all love a good thermal and this is no exception! Meet Decoy Octopus.

All together now! Oooooooooo Ahhhhhhhhhh. I love this color. It is seriously too pretty for words.

Decoy Octopus starts out a cool green color when in the bottle and after being on the nails for a while it turns a soft lime green. It has a really beautiful gradient when it is shifting. Mixed throughout are some white satiny glitter and some black glitters that really make the green POP!

I used 5... yes you read that right... 5 coats of Decoy Octopus for these photos. I know, it is a lot of coats, and normally I wouldn't care for it. However, this color is super unique and pretty and part of that is how squishy it looks on the nail. I do wish it was more like 3 coats, but hey, we can't have everything!

I used Wicked Fast Topcoat to seal everything in here before taking my photos.

Liquid Snake is the next lacquer I have for you all.

I love this color with my skintone. It is one of those polishes that I am not drawn to looking at the bottle, but I know that once I get it on I'm going to like it.

 Liquid snake took 3 coats to reach opacity. The first coat was a little patchy and streaky, but it evened out quickly with coats 2-3. The formula seems thin on this one, but not really hard to work with. I used Wicked Fast top coat to finish this look off.

Two more left, this cutie is Sniper Wolf.

I'm going to admit that I wasn't excited about this color. It looked really pearly in the bottle and not very special. But I am VERY happy to announce that I was wrong. I actually kinda love how this looks on the nail, and it is super sparkly!

I used 5 coats of Sniper Wolf to reach this level of opacity, so I highly recommend undies for this baby when you use it. The formula was sheer, but strangely on the thick side. It was easy to work with and I used Wicked Fast to top it off.

 Last up for today! This one is the only glitter topper of the collection. Here is Metal Gear.

This is so shiny and pretty!

I used two coats of Metal Gear here over Loaded Lacquer Pomagranate. I really love this combo. I topped the whole thing with Wicked Fast topcoat to make it shiny and smooth out the glitter. 

Overall I was pretty happy with this collection. The standouts for me are Metal Gear, Decoy Octopus and Psycho Mantis.

You can purchase these from Gamer Gloss when they release Saturday at 2:00PM EST in their SHOP! Lacquers retail for $8.50 each or $50.00 for the entire Foxhound collection.

You can also follow Gamer Gloss on Instagram for news on releases and new colors as well as other swatches.



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  1. I really like this collection. It's hard to stand out lately, and I see at least 3 super unique ones. Great swatches to, as always.


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