Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Creative Spots

Hi again Storm Chasers!

Hope everyone is doing fine. I'm pretty good today, a little burnout at work, but nothing that can't be helped with a little bit of manicure time when I get home. :) It helps that its absolutely beautiful outside today, around 60 F, even though its December, and Winter, here. Is it unseasonably warm where you are? Or cold if you're in your summer months? I could live at this temperature forever.

On to the polish! I have a beautiful color for you today with a bit of simple nail art added in for good measure. This color is Creative Fantasy from the China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil: World's Away Collection. On top is a simple dot gradient in O.P.I. My Boyfriend Scales Walls, which has quickly become my absolute favorite white polish. I already have a backup bottle and I'm thinking I need a few more just in case.

Creative Fantasy is a deep purple jelly with no shimmer or frills. I looooove this color. The only thing I didnt like about Creative Fantasy was the formula. I think I did 3 coats here, and the first two were streaky and hard to work with. The finished product is definitely worth the struggle for me though.

This color did dry slightly matte, kind of a rubber finish if you ask me, though I'm not sure thats to correct term.

After Creative Fantasy dried I used my dotting tools to create the gradient using part of a tutorial by Sarah at Chalkboard Nails and I made the entire manicure shiny with a thick coat of Seche Vite.

I wore this manicure for 5 whole days (which is about 2 or 3 days longer than I usually wear something) and I had no chipping and very minimal tipwear. Even with 2 days of work included (I type all day) I still had some polish on the very tips of my nails from wrapping them when I finally took this off!

China Glaze polish can be found online and most Beauty Supply stores including Sally Beauty. Prices vary.

All polish in this post was bought by me, with my own money.

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