Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Laptop The Paperweight

Hi there Storm Chasers!

Sorry for not posting again after my first opening post. I got that one out and then my laptop stopped working properly and now is just a really heavy paperweight that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Of course this screwed up my schedule and I haven't been able to edit photos and what not.

I do have a new computer now, and after doing some tinkering and making some decisions about photo editing software, I am up and running again. I have most of the rest of the Cult Nails Behind Closed Doors collection edited and watermarked and hope to have them up sometime today or tomorrow. After that, I have a bunch of other manicures in the works and while I didnt have a computer with photo editing available until now, I was at least taking photos of my nails for when I did.

Thanks to the few who follow for sticking around, and I hope to have a more concrete schedule soon. I doubt I will post every day, but once I'm up and running you can probably expect around 3 posts a week until I decide I can do more than that.

I'll leave you here with a few quick photos from my Instagram of some of my NOTDs from the last week or two. :)

I hope everyone is having a lovely week!


  1. I love the thought of being a storm chaser! <3

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