Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Polished by KPT Thermals - Blue is Beautiful and Camellia

Hey there Gals and Guys!

I have some fantastic thermals for you today!

I started following Polished by KPT a while back on Instagram and recently was lucky enough to have been asked by Katherine to do some reviews for her brand. Of course I said yes!

Lets get right to it shall we? Thermal polish changes colors based on the temperature. These particular thermals show the color under them when in the warm stage and show their true colors when cold. I'm going to show you each of these under different conditions. 1. At Rest - This is what the polish looked like when I didnt do anything to it. 2. Warm - This is the polish when dipped in warm water. 3. Cold - This is the polish when dipped in ice cold water. 4. Transition - This is the polish in transition from warm to cold or cold to warm.

To start off I chose a bright pink jelly thermal Camellia.

At Rest:

Because my nails are so short right now (:( grow nails grow!) i only got a little pink at the tips of the free edge. If they were longer, the whole free edge would likely have been bright pink.
(WARNING! Picture heavy post!)

I layered Camillia over 2 coats of China Glaze Devotion and then added topcoat. I used 4 coats for these swatches since Camellia is very sheer and jelly, but if you layered over something darker you may not need as many coats.
When warm, Camellia just barely tinted the base color.

It was really warm in my apartment so I had no trouble getting photos of this warm, but when I tried to get photos of it cold I did have some trouble.
When Camellia is cold it is a vibrant pink jelly-looking polish. I really love it this color and wish I could have gotten my hands to stay cold a little longer!
This is my favorite state for all of my thermal polish. I love the transition effect when it looks like a grasient especially.

I absolutely loved Camellia and highly recommend it!
The other polish I have for you is Blue Is Beautiful. When I got this lacquer I knew I had to do something special with it. I'm not one for doing the usual swatches. I like to think out of the box. I knew I wanted to keep everything in the blue family.
Here is the at rest swatch of Blue Is Beautiful over the base color I chose for it.
GORGEOUS RIGHT??? I loved this one from the get go.

Any ideas what this beauty is layered over?
How about if I warm it up...

Still not sure?
How about now?

WOW! For these photos I layered three coats of Blue Is Beautiful over Polish Me To Go - I'm So Blue! I loooooooove this combo. A thermal glowing manicure? Yes please!
Oh you want more photos? Sure thing ;)
I had no trouble getting some cold photos of this beauty.

And finally for the transition photos...

I just kept playing with this polish. I love it so much!
What do you think? Do you want to run and buy these gorgeous lacquers?? Polished by KPT is available at their website and at Shoppe Eclecticco for International buyers.
Both of these colors are sold out right now, but you can follow @polishedbykpt on Instagram or for updates on collections and restocks.


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