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Cult Nails All Access Collection!

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I am back again today with another wonderful review! This is one I've been waiting for a while for. Today I have for you the fall collection from my favorite brand Cult Nails. I've been seeing sneak peeks of the All Access Collection from Maria on her Instagram for a bit now and I'm so glad to finally have them in my hands!

Lets get right to the photos!

First up is one of Cult Nails signature cremes Wack Slacks.

Wack Slacks is a beautiful dusty blue creme that sometimes looks more cornflower blue and sometimes looks brighter. I love the depth to this color so much!

Formula on Wack Slacks was absolutely perfect. I had no problems at all.

This color was created for a fashion show called Le Smurfette and I am so glad Maria decided to make it part of this collection.

I used two coats plus topcoat for these photos, though I could have gotten away with one coat I always do at least 2 for swatches. I also didn't really need topcoat on any of these but my lightbox was making them look matte without it even though they are super shiny in direct light. :)

Next up is the color I was most looking forward to from this collection. This one is called Disillusion.

Disillusion is a shiny squishy black jelly base with bright pink mylar shreds stuffed in it. 

I love all the depth to this one and the colors are perfect and really remind me of the 90's grunge era!

I definitely suggest wearing this one over a black or dark gray base. I didn't quite wait long enough between coats and had some dragging on the 2nd coat of this one due to the large flakes. I have always has trouble with this type of glitter though, I think I am just impatient LOL.

For these swatches I used two coats of Disillusion over one coat of Cult Nails Blackout (a dark gray jelly.) plus topcoat. In the future I would probably only do one coat over either Blackout or a black polish, I really didn't need the second coat.

Next up was the lacquer that turned out to be my favorite from this collection. Here is Grunge.

This is an absolutely perfect green/gray creme that went on oh so smoothly and I fell in love with instantly.

I put this one on first and I did not want to take it off. I can definitely see this 90's girl wearing this shade throughout the year, but so much in the fall months. 

Thank goddess this one is going to be part of Cult Nails permanent collection, because I can see myself needing to get a few more bottles over the years.

I used two coats with no topcoat for these photos of Grunge. Again, I could have gotten away with one, but I always do two for photos.

Last for the cremes is Lamestain.

Lamestain is a dark almost black vampy blood red color. In direct light the red undertones pop and in the shade it looks almost a red-brown color. It is suuuuuuper shiny on its own.

This color is absolutely a staple in a polish collection. It is classic and gorgeous and gives just a little edge.

I used just two coats of Lamestain for these photos. I had a little streaking on the first coat, but you wouldn't have known it after the second, it was smooth and shiny and perfect.

Last up from this collection is a super fun glitter topper called Feedback.

I feel like this one was named perfectly. A gold and iridescent mylar shredded glitter topper in a clear base, this one is just so fun to look at!

It took me forever to decide what to put this one over and I tried it over about 5 different colors before going with Cult Nails Quench. I had a couple requests from friends for a glitter gradient, so I had to make that happen and I LOVE IT!!

I thought the shreds would make the gradient difficult, but I only had one or two stray glitters not lay flat and I easily picked them off before topcoating. 

I will definitely be trying Feedback out over many colors this fall and winter!

My must haves from this collection are definitely Lamestain and Grunge followed closely by the others. Keep in mind that Feedback, Wack Slacks and Disillusion are LE and will not be around forever!

This collection is on pre-sale starting TODAY! You can pre-order the entire collection for only $48. After the pre-sale the collection will go for $12 per bottle, so this is a really great deal if you want all the colors.

You can purchase Cult Nails lacquers at and remember to follow Cult Nails on Facebook, Instagram and the Cult Nails Blog for updates, info, news and announcements!

What do you think of this collection? Are there any you absolutely have to have? Have YOU joined the Cult?

Have a wonderful day everyone!




  1. Your swatches are gorgeous!! I LOVE them all, but Grunge and Lamestain are my favs as well!!!

  2. Beautiful swatches! I've purchased the last 3 Cult Nails collections in their entirety, but I think for this collection, I only really want Grunge and Disillusion. The other shades are too similar to other polishes I own.

  3. I need to put in a new order with Cult I can see! i did not get in on the early order full collection price...trying to be choosy on what I add now...but Oh I love getting the little burrito packages from her! I agree with Alexis - Grunge and Disillusion are stellar!

    1. Hi beachgal,

      The presale pricing is available until October 5th, you haven't missed it!

  4. You are so good at what you do! I can't wait to get my set in the mail! Then my nails will look pretty too. ;)

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