Friday, September 6, 2013

Messy Jessi Speckled Summer Collection

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I'm back today with a super cute collection from Messy Jessi Lacquers.

This is a Summer collection that is running a bit late, but honestly, i love bright colors year round. Who doesn't? This collection is a little special in that it is a collection of 10 polishes which Jessica is selling in pairs and by the whole collection only. There are 5 pairs that are matching, one jelly and one matching glittered jelly.

I talked to Jessica before I swatched these about how much I love jellies and how they can be layered. We both decided it would be good for everyone to see the layering possibilities of these lacquers. So these swatches are done as Jelly Syrup manicures. For those of you who don't know a jelly syrup manicure is done by starting each coat of the polish a little further down the nail. This way, the polish closes to the cuticle is sheer at one coat and at the tip it is opaque at between 3-5 coats depending on the jelly.

I used very thin coats of these and so they are one coat at the cuticle and five coats at the tip. I then added one thin coat of the second glittered polish to my ring finger for each manicure. I absolutely loved the formula on every single one of these lacquers and I will most definitely be pulling them out over and over again. Want to see the photos? Here we go...

First up is Jelly Fishing paired with Good Rrreef!

This one is my absolute favorite of this collection! I love pink and this is just sooooo bright and soooo cheery!

Jessica's lacquers always have a fantastic formula and the dry time on these is fantastic even with so many coats at the tip.

Just look at how shiny and squishy this is! One note... any streaks you see on these did not show on the nail. I don't know why they are showing in the photo, but the only color I noticed any streaking on the first couple coats was the blue shade which I will show further down.

Next up is Bikini Too Teenie paired with Is That Sarong? (Love these names too!)

This squishy magenta is again, absolutely gorgeous and has a flawless formula. I don't have anything else quite like this in my stash.

I'm so glad I did Jelly Syrup manicures for these, I love how it really shows off the layering capabilities and I love how it came out looking.

This next one is Skinny Dipping, a bright cobalt blue shade. It is paired with Night Swimming.

 The color on this one is so vibrant and pigmented! I absolutely love this shade. I wasn't crazy about it as a jelly syrup mani because the color is darker, but by itself with that shiny squishy finish? Yum!! 

This is the only shade I experienced any streakiness on in person and it really wasn't as noticeable in person as it is here. After the 3rd very thin coat everything evened out nicely and looked fantastic!

Next up is a bright orange that could be really fun for Halloween time! This is Sun Kissed paired with My Orange Crush.

This is the first color I tried and it was soooo bright and squishy! These photos do not do it justice. If you like orange, you need this shade. Enough said.

With the glitters in My Orange Crush this would really work out well for Halloween. (Which is incidentally my favorite holiday)

If you follow me on Instagram, the next mani may look somewhat familiar. I used it as the base for my Violet manicure for the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge! This is Monsoon Season paired with Chance of Thunderstorms! (The names, the names!!)

I love love love love how this came out looking!! Again, there was no streaking at all in person, it all looked smooth and like a gradient.

I can see this being another one I will reach for again and again.

So what did you think of the Messy Jessi Speckled summer collection? Do you love jellies? Will you buy these?

I have some really great news for you. Jessica has a presale going on for these right now at her shop. The ENTIRE COLLECTION of 10 lacquers is pre-selling for only $50 including shipping and your choice of a free cuticle oil! The pairs are selling for only $10 a pair plus shipping. 

This sale is only for the pre-sale and prices will go up when they are listed for regular sale.

Pre-sale orders will ship about September 17th.

I hope you run and grab these and enjoy them as much as I did! Please follow Messy Jessi Lacquers on Instagram @_messy_jessi_ and on Facebook to keep up with news and new releases!




  1. Very cute collection and great swatches! =)

  2. they look interesting! it seems like you can do plenty of different looks with them ;)
    also love your swatches!


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