Thursday, October 10, 2013

Doctor Lacquer Hallowtide Tricks

I have some perfect for Halloween lacquers for you tonight from a new to me brand. This collection is a set of three thermal polishes from brand Doctor Lacquer. When Angelyn contacted me about reviewing these lacquers I was super excited. Her brand has some of the more unique polishes out there right now and I am happy to be able to swatch them for you! This is the Doctor Lacquer Hallowtide Tricks collection.

First up for this collection is Don't Drink The Pink-Aid!

Don't Drink The Pink-Aid! is a thermal polish that changes from a dirty pink color to a darker pinkish-brown. It is packed with glitter including two different styles of pink skull and crossbones!

These swatches show three coats alone on my pointer and middle fingers and three coats over Cult Nails Devious Nature over my ring and pinkie fingers.

You can see above how after being dipped in freezing water, the polish is darker and more opaque on the first and middle fingers.

This polish is really fun to wear. I had to do some digging for the skull and crossbones, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! I suggest turning the bottle upside down for a few minutes before painting to get them closer to the top of the bottle.

Next from this collection is the polish that is the most obviously thermal, so... lots of photos! This one is Will-O'-The-Wisp.

This is Will-O'-The-Wisp in its warm state, which is where it tends to stay most of the time. This lacquer is a yellow to bright orange thermal with multi sized and colored glitters and big pumpkin glitter in both orange and black!

For these swatches I used three coats plus Glossy Glam topcoat. I really had to dig for the pumpkins because of their size. I almost wish they came in a baggie on the side or something. I highly suggest turning this one upside down for a good while before painting if you want pumpkins.

When dipped in icy water this one starts to change to a bright orange.

I really love how this one looks when in transition.

And completely cold this lacquer is perfectly Halloween!

This orange is so bright and vibrant, its perfect.

Finally from this collection is Pet Cemetery.

Pet Cemetery is a Black to almost clear thermal polish with black and white glitters including black and white skull and crossbones. It starts out black in its cold state.

I used two coats of this on its own on my pointer and middle fingers and two coats over OPI Stand In Lime for Days on my ring and pinkie.

This is such a perfect thermal for Halloween, and I love that you can really layer it over anything.

You can see below in the warm and transition state how it really shows the color underneath when warm.

I really liked this even on bare nails when warm, even with the nail line.

And one of it in transition to finish with!

Halloween is absolutely my favorite holiday, so I love seeing all the fun Halloween lacquers out this season!

You can purchase the Hallowtide Tricks and other Doctor Lacquer polishes at their Online Shop. These lacquers as well as two other collections go on sale TONIGHT at Midnight EST! Also, please follow Doctor Lacquer on Facebook and Instagram for shop announcements and news as well as more swatches and links to reviews.

Have you gotten any Halloween lacquers this season? What are your favorites?



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  1. Oh wow, fancy, all those halloween shaped glitters!


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