Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Serum N°5 Fall Lacquers

I never managed to post the second review I talked about yesterday, so I am posting it today! I have some brilliant polishes for you from Serum N°5 today from their fall line. Victoria from Serum N°5 sent me six lacquers for review, including one LE polish only available in October and three glow in the dark shades.

First up is one of the glow polishes. This one is Sunset Flare.

Sunset Flare is a duochrome polish that also glows in the dark. It color shifts from a burnt orange color to a pink shimmery tone.

I fully expected to have to wear undies with this or layer it over black, but I ended up using 3 coats alone plus my Glossy Glam topcoat. The formula was perfect and I love the Serum N°5 brushes. Even in the mini bottles they are a great size and are flat, which really helps application.

In addition to being pretty in the light, Sunset Flare also glows a bright speckled green in the dark!

Next from Serum N°5 is the LE shade Pink Lantern

I love love love think pink color! Pink Lantern is Limited Edition and is only available in October, so if you want this one, make sure you get it right away!

I used 3 coats of Pink Lantern alone to get this opacity. This one dries matte due to the pigments for the glow, so make sure you use a topcoat for a shiny finish. I topped this with Glossy Glam.

This bright pink shade glows a shockingly bright orange making it perfect for wearing around Halloween. 

Look at that glow! It was super super bright! My camera was not happy about that.

Finally for the glow shades is a glowing topper called Burning Orchid.

Burning Orchid is a purple shimmering sheer topcoat that can be worn over just about any color. 

I think I was being a little heavy handed with this one because I ended up having to do two coats. The first coat was a bit streaky to me, but I've seen other photos where it looked perfect at one coat so I'm going to blame myself here LOL. I layered this one over OPI Siberian Nights and then added topcoat.

This one is another glowing lacquer. It looks blue below, but it is closer to an indigo or purple color in person and it actually photographed much brighter than it looked in person.

I couldn't get it to photograph clearly though. I must not have had a steady enough hand.

Next from this bunch is a holo polish called Jaded

Jaded is a sage green holographic polish and it is super pretty.

You can see a little bit of the holo effect on my pointer, but unfortunately, due to my broken foot I can't go outside to take photos right now so I couldn't capture the full holo effect. These swatches are two coats alone with no topcoat. The formula was perfect.

I really like Jaded, the color looks great with my skin and its very original.

The next lacquer I have is another topper called As A Matte'A Fact.

As the name suggests, this one is a matte effect topper. It has some really pretty flakie shimmer in it which makes it unique in my stash.

For these photos I layered one coat of As A Matte'A Fact over Illamasqua Rampage. No topcoat, though you could certainly add topcoat and make this shiny and shimmery.

I really like this one, its great over everything I tried it on.

Last up for today is the only glitter polish of the bunch. This one is Rise and Grind.

Rise and Grind is a jam packed glitter polish with tons of shimmer and big copper hexes that I love so much!

No undies needed here, this one was perfect in three coats on its own. I topped it with Gelous to smooth out the glitter and then used Glossy Glam to finish it off. 

I think this one is my favorite... I think. Haha!

What did you think? Are any of these must haves for you? My must haves out of these are Pink Lantern (can't pass up that orange glow!), Rise and Grind and As A Matte'A Fact. Close behind them is Jaded.

You can purchase Serum N°5 Love Lacquer from their Online Shop or their Etsy Shop. Be sure to follow Victoria on her Blog, Facebook and Instagram for updates and news on the brand.

As an added benefit of supporting Serum N°5, a donation equal to 20% of their profits every month is donated to charity.

I hope you enjoyed these lacquers as much as I did!




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