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Fat Lacquers | Pizza Night

 Who wants pizza?! I sure do!

This collection from the new to me brand Fat Lacquers would make just about anyone want a hot slice of gooey topping covered pizza. The Pizza Night collection from Fat Lacquers consists of 6 base colors and six "Toppings" or glitter toppers in a clear base. There are also 4 blogger created glitter toppers including one made specifically for me! <3

I'm going to show you the bases first and then move on to the toppings.

How do you start a meal? Well you could have an Ice Cold Brewski!

Ice Cold Brewski is a deep yellow jelly just about the color of an IPA.

I love how close to beer colored this lacquer actually is and I can see it making some fun jelly sandwiches!

Ice Cold Brewski is sheer due to its jelly nature, but I found three coats was plenty for wear. I added a coat of Drive Thru topcoat to make it super shiny. The formula on this was really great for a jelly and a yellow lacquer.

But wait! Don't Forget The Cherry Cola for the kiddos!

Don't Forget The Cherry Cola is a deep brown with tons of rose colored shimmer. The color perfectly makes me think of Cherry Cola.

Growing up, cherry cola was one of my favorites, so this color was a lot of fun for me.

I used three coats of this lacquer for these swatches plus Drive Thru topcoat to really make it shine. I had some unmixed pigment in this, but once I got on three coats it wasn't noticeable. The formula was great, and though sheer on the first coat it built up well. 

Following drinks, I love a good appetizer. My favorite has to be some juicy Buffalo Wings.

Buffalo Wings is a buffalo sauce orange lacquer with some great gold shimmer. It reaaaaaaaly looks like buffalo sauce on the nails!

I absolutely love this one!! The color is perfect. <3 

I used two coats of Buffalo Wings plus Drive Thru topcoat for these swatches. The formula was great. It did dry a little gritty, but after topcoat it was nice and smooth. 

After your appetizers, of course you're going to want to move on to your pizza. So how do you start a pizza? With a Perfectly Crispy Crust of course!

Perfectly Crispy Crust is a nude lacquer that leans towards a tan/khaki color. It has a very slight speckling effect when looked at up close that really gives it a lot of interest.

Much love for this lacquer. The color, again, is just perfect.

I used two coats of Perfectly Crispy Crust for these images then topped it with Drive Thru topcoat. The formula was perfection. I almost stopped at a single coat, but I needed just a tad more coverage for my photos.

Everyone has their sauce preferences for a pizza, but traditionally it is tomato. Here is Saucy Saucy.

Saucy Saucy is a deep sauce red lacquer with silvery flakies/shimmer throughout.

I love this one so much! The color is so rich and the shimmer gives it just the right amount of extra umph!

I used three coats plus Drive Thru topcoat for these images. I did find that I had some slight dragging on my first couple nails so I used a lighter hand and was great after that.  

Another sauce some people may like is an alfredo sauce. Meet, White Sauce Weirdo.

White Sauce Weirdo is a yellowish creme lacquer with black micro glitter and small green hexes. It really looks like an alfredo sauce on the nail!

I used two coats of this lacquer for the manicure and then topped it with Drive Thru topcoat. Again, I found the formula fantastic and it was almost a one coater. <3

So what do YOU like on your pizza? How about some Anchovies All Over?

Anchovies All Over is a clear base with LOADS of silver holographic glitters in different shapes and sizes.

LOVE LOVE LOVE. This lacquer certainly makes a statement! I may not like anchovies on my pizza, but for a polish, bring it on!

I used one coat of Anchovies All Over on top of Saucy Saucy for these images. I did have to do some placement, but had no trouble actually getting the glitter out of the bottle. The clear base was a little thick, but I think any thinner and it wouldn't hold up those huge glitters!

If anchovies aren't for you, how about another topping? I know I <3 Meats on my pizza!

Yum! I <3 Meats is a clear base loaded with glitter. There are yellow mini bars, brown hexes. silver and pink circles and huge red hexes.

I used just one coat of I <3 Meats over Ice Cold Brewski for this look. The glitters came right out of the bottle and I really had no problem putting this one even with the huge glitters.

I think my favorite type of pizza is a good ole traditional 3 Cheese & Pepperoni.

3 Cheese & Pepperoni is a clear base with yellow circles, white triangles, yellow hexes and big red circles and hexes.

This looks just like it is supposed to. There is no mistaking what type of pizza is on your nails with these toppings!

I used one coat of 3 Cheese & Pepperoni with some placement over a base of Don't Forget The Cherry Cola for these images. I thought the formula was great and there is a ton of glitter!

Next up is one of my favorite types of pizza. How about a Slice of Hawaii?

Slice of Hawaii is a clear base loaded with iridescent glitter. Added to that are huge yellow and dark magenta hexes, and pink and yellow triangles.

I love the look of this so much! Its a ton of fun and the iridescent glitter gives it that much more interest. <3

I used one coat plus placement for these images over a base of Cult Nails Lamestain. The glitters were a little hard to get out of this, one, but nothing that would make me dislike the lacquer. After topcoat, this was so super shiny! Much much love!

Do you like a lot of toppings? This next one may be for you. Supreme Supreme has just about a little of everything.

Supreme Supreme is a mix of all different shapes and colors and sizes of glitters in a clear base.

How much does this look like pizza!? Even if you didn't know this collection was pizza base you would have no doubt that this one was!

I used mostly the glitter placement method for applying this one over a base of Buffalo Wings. I wanted to make sure I got a little of everything on my nails. The glitters came out of the bottle fine and it wasn't difficult to place them. I coated it all with a layer of Drive Thru topcoat.

Last up for the main collection's toppings glitters is one for the vegetarian pizza lovers out there. This one has Veggies & Veggies & Veggies.

 Veggies & Veggies & Veggies is a clear base loaded with green and purple glitters. 

Yum! Veggie pizza has never looked so good.

I used one coat of Veggies & Veggies & Veggies over a base of White Sauce Weirdo for this manicure. The whole thing is topped with Drive thru topcoat. The formula was fantastic and there is TONS of glitter in this baby.

All of the swatches in this post started with a coat of Fat Lacquers own Appetizer Base Coat.

This base coat did a great job of keeping my nails stain free and giving the polish something to stick to. The formula is a little thin, but just how I like it.

The topcoat for all these swatches is also from Fat Lacquers. It is called Drive Thru.

Drive through is so super shiny and it does a really great job of smoothing out those pesky glitters.

Finally today I have the special blogger topping lacquer that Felicia from Fat Lacquers made just for you all from a list of toppings I gave her. Here is Storm & Toppings.

Storm & Toppings is a clear base loaded with glitters of all sorts, lots of black glitters, yellow hexes and triangles and huge pinkish red hexes. There is also a beautiful coppery colored shimmer on the nail.

I LOVE this one more than all the others. It really looked great and the shimmer just makes it. 

I used one coat of Storm & Toppings with some placement of the larger glitters for these photos. I layered it over a base of Perfectly Crispy Crust and topped the whole thing with Drive thru topcoat. The formula was great and there is so much glitter I can't even tell you.

The Pizza Night collection is up for sale NOW over at Fat Lacquers! You can get them individually, or as a set, with the exception of the four blogger lacquers which are only available as a limited edition set of four. Felicia has also made a listing for a Build - A - Pizza! Just tell Felicia what toppings you want and she will make you your own surprise glitter topper.

You can purchase these and other Fat Lacquers over in their shop. Make sure to also follow Fat Lacquers on Instagram for info about new collections, sales and lots of swatches!

I hope you're all having a great weekend!



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  1. Great review! But you didn't tell us what your pizza toppings were. My guess is Pepperoni, Cheese and Olives?


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