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Nvr Enuff Polish | The Light Collection

OMGosh! I am SO sorry that I've been gone so long. Its been a long couple weeks and I unfortunately had to put some things on hold for a bit. I'm back now though, and I have a review for you that I am uber excited about!

One of the most amazing people I know, Alix @teoqeg from Instagram and her girl Lynnae @misslynnae have recently joined the indie polish world and created the amazing brand Nvr Enuff Polish or NEP for short. They currently have two gorgeous collections out and lucky for you, I have both of them to review!

Today I want to share with you the first NEP collection. All the colors names are in French and the colors are inspired by the light at different times during the day. While working with these lacquers I noticed a few things about them all. They are super shiny, unique and very long-wearing. I love the tall square bottles and the wide flat brushes. The hand stamped labels are unique and fun and really perfect for this brand. So without further rambling by myself... Introducing Nvr Enuff Polish and The Light Collection.

I'll start at the dawn with Lever du Soleil. (Sunrise)

Lever du Soleil is a "flaky rose gold topper... based on the pink/gold of the morning light." (quote from NEP) 

This beautiful topper is so versatile you could wear it over almost anything. I tried it over three different lacquers while looking for the right one to go with my accent nail and it looked amazing over all three. It is also wearable alone at three coats.

I layered two thin coats of Lever du Soleil over a base of Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up, an orange creme. The formula was perfect. Due to all the flakie goodness, this baby needed topcoat to really make it shine, but it looked great before the topcoat as well.

For the accent nail I did a gradient using OPI I Can't Copa Cabana, Wet N Wild Sunny Side Up, Essie Vermillionaire and Cult Nails Evil Queen.

This classy flakie is a must have for anyone who loves flakies and really just about anyone honestly. 

For the morning we have Matin.

Matin is a perfect grey creme loaded with a greenish blue shimmer and a very slight holo shimmer in direct light. I am absolutely in love with this shade and the photos cannot truly do it justice. If you like grey polish, you NEED this.

The color of this grey makes it a great palette cleanser when you're not op for something flashy but still want to be unique.

I used two coats of Matin alone for these swatches and added topcoat for the photos. The lacquer is shiny, but to really smooth it out and make  it pop, the topcoat is a must! I thought the formula on this lacquer was good, but do use thin coats.

For my accent nail, I painted on Cult Nails Princess to the tip, then I added some green sponging using a make-up sponge and Sally Hansen Green With Envy to make the trees along the water. I used a white Stripe Rite striping polish to make the reflection on the water and a tiny brush with Cult Nails Swanbourne to add in the trunks of the trees and the ground. I went back in with the green on my sponge after to add in the tree details.

In the "afternoon" we have Apres Midi.

Apres Midi is a gorgeous medium blue lacquer that is almost a jelly but a little too opaque for that. It is loaded with golden dust and a linear holo effect in direct light.


 I wore this lacquer for 5 .... FIVE DAYS with no chipping. Three of the nails on my left hand still had wrapped tips with I took it off. When I say this is long lasting, I really mean it!

I used two perfect coats of Apres Midi for these images. I added topcoat to really make it pop but it does have shine without the topcoat. The formula was wonderful and it was all around easy to work with.

For my accent nail I went in with Color Club Hart On It with a dotting tool and created some holo clouds, then I went back with a smaller dotting tool and OPI Alpine Snow and made smaller clouds in the first ones so there would be a solver holo outline.

Don't you love rainbows? Me too. Here is Arc en Argent or "Silver Rainbow."

Arc en Argent is a silver holo glitter topper in a clear base. But it is so much more than that. It is absolutely filled to the brim with silver holo glitters and micro glitters and dusts and shimmers.

I wish you could see how gorgeous this is and how much it sparkles. These photos are not doing it any justice.

I used two coats of Arc en Argent for these swatches with OPI Don't Touch My Tutu as my undies. I added two coats of topcoat after to smooth out all that beautiful glittery goodness. The formula was great and the glitters came out of the bottle no problem.

For the accent nail I just made a rainbow using some no name striping lacquers from Dollar Tree.

Up next is probably my favorite images of the collection. Here is Arc en Ciel Bleu or "Blue Rainbow."

Arc en Ciel Bleu is a clear base stuffed with blue holographic glitter. AHHHHHHHH!!


I used two coats of Arc en Ciel Bleu over Revlon Royal for these watches. The formula was great and there is tons of glitter in the bottle. I did do some dabbing to fill in here and there, but nothing that made application difficult. I used two coats of topcoat to smooth it all out and make it look extra squishy.

My accent nails is done using a small detail brush and the following lacquers from Right to Left. OPI Alpine Snow, Essie Borrowed and Blue, Wet N Wild Teal Slowly and See, Wet N Wild Here Comes Trouble and Cult Nails Party Time.

You can't have daytime light without a sunset. Here is Coucher du Soleil.

Coucher du Soleil is a deep berry jelly loaded with different sizes and colors of hexes and circle glitters. There are even some large circles, but I didn't end up with any for this manicure. (I did end up with three on my swatch stick though, so it is just luck of the draw!)

 I didn't want to take this one off when I put it on. Absolutely stunning. It looks great alone and would look great layered over either a red or pink to change the hue slightly.

I used three coats of Coucher du Soleil alone with topcoat for these swatches. The formula was smooth and it dried super squishy looking. If I hadn't been taking photos I probably would have only done two coats. I did notice that without my topcoat, this dried slowly, but that could just be body chemistry. With a coat of fast dry topcoat I was fine and ready to go!

For my accent nail I did a simple gradient using Cult Nails Quench, Illamasqua Vice, OPI Vant to Bite My Neck? and Cult Nails Time Traveler.

Next up is my favorite from the evening... Soiree.

Soiree is a deep blue jelly base that is so beautifully squishy! Its stuffed and overflowing with tons of beautiful glitters including STARS!

 Even just by itself this lacquer looks like the sky and the stars. Maybe that's why I love it so much.

I used two coats of Soiree for these swatches. This lacquer, while a squishy jelly, was almost a one coater! Color me impressed! The formula was absolutely fantastic and it is crazy sparkly and squishy. Like a jelly sandwich in a bottle. I used one coat of topcoat to seal everything in for the photos.

For my accent nail I used a white striping brush to add in some stars and a single shooting star.

Last up is the dark horse. This is Moonstone.

Moonstone is a clear base with a reflective pigment in it. The pigment is almost like the paint you see on street signs that light up at night when your headlights hit them. 

 Over a dark base its beautiful even in regular light.

Take a photo with flash however... and this happens!

In person it is even more pronounced. Honestly I feel like I could not get a good photo of this lacquer reflecting. Even just in the direct light, it was bright and gave off an almost linear effect.

The reflective pigment also shows when in dim light and it catches the light. It is hard to describe but a really cool effect!
I used two coats of Moonstone over a base of  Cult Nails Vicious. The formula was smooth and perfect. I added topcoat to make it super shiny for the photos.

For my accent nail, I used tape to make the starburst pattern then painted on Color Club Harp On It and peeled off the tape. I used a black striper to make the outline on the starburst.

My final thoughts on this collection are, if Nvr Enuff Polish continues with collections like this they are really going somewhere. I loved the entire collection, everything was well thought out and the collection was cohesive and unique. The packaging was great and the little touches really make it all shine. 

The Light Collection and other lacquers from this brand retail at Nvr Enuff Polish for $8.75 for a full size and $3.75 for a mini. (Their mini bottles are SO CUTE.)

Don't forget to follow Nvr Enuff Polish on Instagram for updates and news about other collections as well as lots of swatches and and information about sales a giveaways!

I hope you loved this collection as much as I did!



All Nvr Enuff Polish was provided for review. Cult Nails Party Time was provided for a past review. Other lacquers used in this post for accent nails and undies were purchased by me.
Please see my Disclosure page linked below for more information.


  1. Fantastic! I just love it when I have an email from you, I know it's going to be something good :D

  2. Storm, I've never seen anything like these polishes -- they're very unique and so is the theme. Of course, your photos make the colors and finishes stand out even more. Thanks for the extraordinary post!

  3. Wow, what a fantastic collection! I like Après midi et Soirée a lot but moonstone I just NEED it!
    Thank you for the great swatches :)

  4. Lovely swatches! You've really made the collection look beautiful!


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