Friday, July 4, 2014

The Nail Art Guild | Patriotic

Happy Fourth to those of you in the States! To the rest of you, happy Friday!

Today I had the holiday off, so I had plenty of time to put together these 4th of July nails for The Nail Art Guild's Patriotic theme. I had a few designs bouncing around in my head but I went with a loose translation of the American flag. 

I started with a base of Stardust Polish Retro Ruby on my thumb, index and middle fingers and Kinda Jazzy on my ring and pinkie.


For the stripes, I used some Nail Vinyls and Color Club Harp On It.

To do the stars and clouds on the blue I used Color Club Harp On It again to make some clouds on the tips of my nails. Then I went in with my white acrylic paint and a tiny tiny dotting tool and made a few white dots on each of the nails. I went back in with my white Stripe Rite striper and made some stars and even a couple falling stars. To finish, I added some definition to the clouds with the white.

After It all dried I added a good coat of Seche Vite topcoat to make everything smooth and shiny. 

I am sooooo happy with the way these came out and I even had a prop that made sense this time! Make sure you check out all the other Nail Art Guild manicures from this week over at the #TNAGpatriotic tag on Instagram and at the following nail artists pages!

I hope you enjoyed this nail art and I promise to have more for you all soon!




  1. Hi...I confess, there were not m(any) 7/4 manis out this year that I liked. But then along came yours. I loved your color choices, the crispness of the stripes, the 3/2 finger ratio to carry the pretty. I also loved (and I hope this was your intent) your "broad stripes and bright stars" which started our beautiful national anthem playing in my head. I have a question though...and please know I support artistic license (though I do like to know, if possible, what inspired the "loose translation" that falls under artistic license)...may I ask why you added clouds? I actually went to the lyrics Francis Scott Key wrote to see if it was the parting of clouds that allowed him to see the flag was still flying over Fort McHenry. No clouds mentioned was "the dawn's early light" that enabled him to see the flag. So, again, I love your design, but I am curious why you added clouds? Thanks for reading all this! :)

  2. Storm, your work is impeccably neat and sharp. I enjoy this rendition of patriotic nails!


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