Monday, August 25, 2014

piCture pOlish Blog/Insta Fest 2014

It's time for this year's piCture pOlish Blogfest... or as this year is Blog/Insta Fest 2014!

This year I was sent a two part project. The first part of the post is a swatch and review of a single shade. Of course, piCture pOlish chose well and sent me my namesake Storm! Let's have a look!


Yessssssssss! Super awesome snowstorm polish!

Storm is a clear base absolutely stuffed to the brim with all different sized matte white hex glitters. It is so versatile it will look amazing over anything you layer it over.

I went for a softer feminine approach and layered just one coat of Storm over my favorite piCture pOlish shade, Pirouette. I absolutely love this combo and can see it working well for a wedding or something else where you want to feel uber girly!

How about a close up? Look at all that glitter!!!

I can think of so many fun combos that I want to use this lacquer for. I can't wait to try it as the snow in a scene for some winter nail art and I would love to layer it over some colorful gradients to really make the white pop.

The formula of Storm is just as expected from piCture pOlish, just about perfect. The glitters weren't too hungry and even with all the glitter I only needed two coats of topcoat for a perfectly smooth glassy finish.

What would you layer this white glittery beauty over if you had it?

The second part of today's Blog/Insta Fest 2014 post is all about the colors and the nail art. piCture pOlish has paired with NailVinyls this year for Blog/Insta Fest, so my package included two more piCture pOlish lacquers, Fairy Floss and Swagger and a package of NailVinyls Right Angle vinyls. My mission, should I choose to accept it, was to create a nail art showing off the two shades and what the vinyls can do. Want to see? Keep scrolling!

I opted for a simply single chevron look over white. I wanted a slight separation of the colors so I could really show them off, so I started with a base of a white creme lacquer. I added topcoat and then let it all dry for about 10-15 minutes, until I was sure the Vinyls wouldn't lift my polish.

On each nail I applied three Right Angle NailVinyls pointing towards my tips.

Using just the piCture pOlish bottle brushes, I applied Fairy Floss and Swagger over the white and the NailVinyls in an alternating pattern, peeling off the NailVinyls with tweezers as I went.

Make sure that when you're using the NailVinyls you peel them off while the polish is still wet or you won't get a clean line.

After everything was done I let them dry a little then added two coats of topcoat to smooth everything out completely and make it super super shiny for the photos.

I really really happy with how these came out and I'll definitely be using the NailVinyls again to create this look with other colors!

Both Swagger and Fairy Floss had a great formula and were really easy to work with. As always, I love the piCture pOlish bottle brushes, they are hands down my favorite brushes in a polish bottle.

Overall, I am very happy with everything I got this year and I love the addition of the NailVinyls to this year's Blog/Insta Fest! 

You can purchase all these shades directly from piCture pOlish or from one of their International Stockists. Don't forget to follow on social media to keep up to date on new collections and the latest shades and swatches.

The NailVinyls used for this post are part of a new NailVinyls pack that piCture pOlish will be retailing! From piCture pOlish:

"PP will be retailing a special exclusive 4 pack ‘Nail Vinyls’ containing ‘Chevrons, Mini Chevrons, Straight & Right Angles’ that will be used by all participants this year!"

You can also find NailVinyls in their Shop and lots of photos of them being used on the NailVinyl social media pages!

Thank you so much for reading my part in this year's Blog/Insta Fest 2014!



*piCture pOlish Storm, Swagger and Fairy Floss were provided for my honest review and for the nail art shown. Nail Vinyls were provided for review and nail art for this post. piCture pOlish Pirouette was a gift to me from a friend. All other tools and lacquers used in this post were purchased by me. Please see my disclosure page for more information.*


  1. Storm was so perfect for you! I loved your shades together. Very pretty mani!

  2. Storm was so perfect for you! I loved your shades together. Very pretty mani!

  3. You have created a wonderful design!

  4. Lex, speaking of your name, how did you choose it for your blog? What is the symbolism in it? We'd love to know. =)


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