Friday, February 20, 2015

Born Pretty Store - Silver Holo Foil

Back again this week with another Born Pretty Store nail art review for you! This time I am reviewing some silver holographic nail foil. It works like transfer paper, and you rub the foil onto your nail for an abstract effect. I really had fun with this. It was great to let go and not worry about perfection for once.

I started out with a dark base for this manicure because foil is bright silver and I really wanted it to stand out. My base here is Stardust Polish Back Seat Bingo. 

To apply the foil I started with a completely dry base color. This is a great way to refresh a mani that is a day or two old. I addeda coat of topcoat and waited for it to start drying, but be a little tacky still. Then I laid the sheet of foil over each nail and rubbed on the back, then lifted. Where I rubbed the back, the foil stayed adhered to my nail.

I love the distressed look this gives while still being shiny and holographic.

The one issue I found while using this foil is that I've seen that you shouldn't topcoat it, so I did not, but later that day when I used my cuticle oil, all the foil on my nails rubbed right off. I'll have to try using topcoat and see how it goes, but this may only be a one night mani.

Overall I was really happy with the foil. I feel like it worked well and was easy to do.

You can purchase Born Pretty Store Nail Foils over here. They retail for $1.99 USD and you can use them many times, as there is plenty on the sheet. Use my code AGBQ10 for 10% off your entire order. As always, Born Pretty Store provides free worldwide shipping on all orders!


***Nail Foil was provided by Born Pretty Store for my honest review. Stardust Polish Beack Seat Bingo was provided for a previous review. All base and top coats were purchased by me. Please see my disclosure page for more information.***


  1. You were able to use a topcoat to get the foil to stick? That's cool! I've only ever had luck using foil glue lol For a pretty decent way to topcoat the foils, I've used a mixture of Elmer's glue and water (basically what a lot of gals use for DIY peel off base coats) and do 2 coats of that over the foils, followed by regular topcoat. It does diminish the holo effect a little, but you don't get weird shrivel-y shrinkage like with most topcoats. Hope this helps! :-)


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