Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jolie Polish - Wake Up To Makeup Collection

Provided for Review

I have some lovely new crelly and jelly shades here for you from the always wonderful Jolie Polish and her Wake Up To Makeup Collection. This collection consists on two nude shades, a pink and a beautiful red jelly. 

I'm just going to get right to it! First up is There's Mauve To Love.

There's Mauve to Love is a fantastic pink crelly with a really great formula.

I used two coats of this lacquer and no topcoat for these images, I just didn't need it. The formula is really great as usual with these shades.

The first of the two nude shades is A Whole Latte Mani.

I love the name and I love this polish. I would say this shade is less yellow than it is showing in photos. When I had it on it was really the perfect mannequin hand color for my skin. I'm really not sure why it photographed like this, but its lovely either way!

 I used three coats of A Whole Latte Mani for these swatches and added one coat of topcoat for the photos. Definitely use a light hand on this crelly due to its sheerness, but the formula is still really good.

The second of the two nude lacquers is Espresso Contour.

This caramel colored jelly is so super pretty!

 I used three coats of Espresso Contour for these shots, but no topcoat. The formula was thin, but easy to work with, it went on really nicely.

Last up is my favorite from this collection, a juicy shade called Face Beat.

Squish squish!  Love how jelly this beautiful deep red is!!

 I used three coats of Face Beat for these pictures. It was a little sticky on the first coat, but then was fine after. It could have been the base I used for the swatch. I would use a light hand on the first coat just in case though. I added a single coat of topcoat to this to really make it shine and look extra squishy!

So that is it! I love all four of these shades, but Face Beat is my pick for must have. 

These and other Jolie Polish products and lacquers are available in the Jolie Polish Shop. Don't forget to follow Jolie Polish and Bory the creator on social media to keep up to date on sales, collections and swatches!

***All Jolie Polish lacquers were provided for my honest review. Top and base coats were purchased by me. Please see my disclosure page for more information.***

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