Tuesday, September 1, 2015

31 Day Challenge | Red

Am I crazy? Yes, I definitely am. I finally have some free time, so what do I do? I coerce my good friend Allison (@whimsicalicous on Instagram) to join me in killing ourselves via nail art for the next 31 days. Welcome to the 31 Day Challenge 2015!

If you don't know about the challenge, it is a 31 day nail art challenge with a different prompt for each day. You can see them below:

There are a bunch of ladies that do the challenge every year after finding it online ages ago and I have been trying to join in for years, but this is the first time I am completely dead set on it. If you are also doing the challenge (or it you want to, its not too late!!) and need some nail art templates, you can find challenge specific planning pages on my Downloads page! If you want more info on the challenge, please head over to Chalkboard Nails FAQ!

Today's prompt for the challenge is Red. I promised myself I would only post 1-2 photos of each manicure for this so I wouldn't have to edit tons of photos in addition to doing nail art every day, but of course this is just too pretty to only show a couple photos, that would just be silly, so you get 6 (haha)!

Loooooook at that red! *drools* That is, none other than Colors by Llarowe, The Mighty Red Baron, my all time favorite red polish. I need to pick up a backup bottle... or maybe two.

So, I started this nail art with a base of Illyrian Polish Sinister Haze, a beautiful putty grey holo with tons of red shimmer. 

I used my Uber Chic Beauty Plate 1-02 to stamp the rose image on my thumb and Plate 1-03 to stamp the filigree pattern on all my other nails. Now, I know what you're going to say... Lex, you didn't stamp on all four nails... Oh, but I did. And it was a big fat fail. 

Mighty Red Baron was not cooperating with something and the stamping came out light and unfinished. So... being dedicated to the idea of this manicure, I first painted over my ring and pinkie with a coat of Mighty Red Baron and then I took a tiny detail brush to the other three nails and I hand painted the entire design over the horrible unfinished stamp. Tada!! 

I added topcoat to finish off all my nails and then one crystal each to my ring and pinkie.  I am so in love with this and I'm so glad that I screwed up my original mani so that I could do this much better one. :)

So what do you think? Are we off to a good start for Day 1 of the challenge? I think so.

Make sure you check in on #31dc2015 on social media (especially Instagram I believe) to see all the other participants manicures!!

I'll see you all again tomorrow.



  1. This mani is sooooooooo sexy. I just got The Mighty Red Baron and I am mad that I didn't use it for this prompt.

    1. Thank you so much Amy!! And you MUST use it in a different prompt! I highly suggest doubling up on protection though cause a lot of people have had staining issues. (I always double base and haven't had any problems.)

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! The colors, the holos, the designs, they all work so beautifully together :)

  3. I love the colors - wonderful mani.

    1. Thank you! These are definitely two of my favorites that I own.


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