Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hello Kitty Sugar Skulls Twin Nails!

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I've also added a link to my own Etsy shop on the right and a link to the Born Pretty Store with a coupon code for 10% off that they gave me when I agreed to review for them! I'll have the review up sometime next week, wait til you see what I got, so super cute! There will be some changes ongoing on the blog over the next couple weeks. I'll be adding tabs at the top and some extras along both sides of the page to make things easier to navigate. I'd really appreciate any feedback you have more me about the new layout as the changes occur, so please leave me a comment or send along an email to me at if you have any comments or suggestions!

Ok, on to the nail art! This week I did some twin nails with one of my Instagram besties, the wonderful and talented Donna from @workinggirlnails. You can head over to her Instagram page to see her nails later this morning. We took our inspiration from a Hello Kitty t-shirt that I have at home. When I bought it, we knew it would make super cute nails. Here is the image from the shirt:

 So cute right? Here are the nails I came up with to match the shirt!

I was going to go simple with these, but I decided to go all out, and Donna loved them so much when she saw them that we ended up doing the exact same nails! Hers are so cute too on her tiny nails. 

We bo9th immediately knew which colors we were going to use for this manicure, and being the major Culties that we are, every single polish (except base and topcoats) are a Cult Nails color. I'll list them all at the bottom of this post.

I especially love how the two gradient fingers came out here. I was supposed to have a review of Donna's new cuticle products up today, but I love these so much that I couldn't bear to take them off quite yet. The review will be up tomorrow or Friday at the latest. :)


These nails were so much fun! I can't wait to do another twin post with Donna. If you're not already, definitely check out her Instagram page and follow her @workinggirlnails !

Shades used in this post were all from Cult Nails. Cult Nails lacquers can be purchased from their shop and run $12.00 a bottle. Below are the shades I used for this manicure:

White - Tempest
Black - Nevermore
Pink - Devious Nature
Orange/Coral - Be Loco
Yellow - Feel Me Up
Green - Riot
Blue - Nakizzle's Shizzle
Purple - Love at First Sight

I hope you loved this nail art as much as Donna and I enjoyed creating it for you!



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**Some of these shades were provided for past reviews and some of them were purchased by me. Please click on the buttons at the top or bottom of the post to go to my Disclosure Page.**


  1. These were so much fun to do Lex! Even though Hello Kitty was not being very nice to me last night ;)

  2. very cute! you are amazing at nail art!! where did you get the shirt from??


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