Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year! and a Born Pretty Store Review


End of the year here at Chez Storm got crazy and I want to say I am so sorry for disappearing on you all for so long. But never fear! I have a fantastic review for you today and some nail art, that dare I say I am completely in love with!

I have reviewed for Born Pretty Store before, and they remain one of my favorite places to get supplies for nail art. The shipping is always free and the products are great. There is a huge selection to choose from, and even though it may take a bit longer to get to you, I think it is completely worth it!

When I got these square nail studs in the mail from Born Pretty Store I knew just what I wanted to do with them. Being an 80's and 90's child I have an unhealthy obsession with the game Tetris and so when I saw these colorful little squares all I could think of was the little game tiles on my game boy screen! Are you ready? Here they are!

TETRIS NAILS!!! I love these so much that I am still wearing them three days later as I type this and get this… I haven't lost any of the studs! I could take new photos today and they would look just as great as the first day.

To make this design I used the square nail studs I was sent by Born Pretty Store. You can find the wheel pictured below HERE. And lucky you, it looks like they're on sale!

Born Pretty Store also has nail art studs in round and leaf shapes as well as some other various studs, so if you've been wanting something like this, now is the time to get your hands on them!

I started out with a base of my go to nail strengthener, OPI Nail Envy for these so I would have a strong nail base. I used two coats of my favorite black polish, Milani Black Swift to create a smooth surface to start with.

Once my nails dried slightly I used a coat of Seche Vite Top Coat to make them dry more quickly so I could use tape on them. I place a small bit of take across each nail , leaving the tips free for more polish and I used China Glaze Recycle and Cult Nails Faded on the tips, then using just my fingertip i kinda mussed it up a bit until it looked like stone. I peeled back the tape and I was left with black nails with stone tips.

Once they grey polish was dry I was ready for the studs. I used a clear polish from Wet N Wild, Wild Shine over the areas I wanted to place the studs, then, using a toothpick dabbed in a bit more of the clear I quickly placed them where I wanted on the nails. Once they were all placed I used another coat of Seche Vite over the entire thing to seal it all up. 

Did I mention that these particular studs are backlight reactive? Oh I didn't? Well they ARE!!! 

My good friend Donna from Sweet Baby By Donna and @workinggirlnails on Instagram suggested putting them under the backlight and whoa was she right! I looooove this look!

They glowed so brightly and colorfully especially the yellow ones! Thanks for the suggestion Donna!

Once more shot of these in the light! If you used a wax pencil (also available from Born Pretty Store) to place these, I would think you wouldn't need a clear topcoat over them, but because I used clear polish I ended up leaving little dots of polish on the tops of them and I felt like it looked messy. I'll definitely be ordering some of the wax pencils soon!

What did you think? Do you love Tetris as much as I do? What is your favorite video game either now or from your childhood?

You can purchase these square nail art studs from for $7.59 with free shipping. They are currently on sale for $4.59 and I would definitely take advantage of that. The entire site is 20% off through the end of today! 

You can also use my discount code AGBQ10 at checkout for an extra 10% off your entire order!

What are you waiting for? Get your nail art on!




  1. This is so cute!!! I love Tetris!

  2. Coolness!! I loved Centipede btw. :)

  3. Coolness!! I loved Centipede btw. :)

  4. I love what you did with these! So creative and unique!

  5. Ahh, Tetris. These are great! Your stone-pattern tips are a perfect touch!

  6. Super fun nails!

  7. That's so freaking cool! Really clever :).

  8. waoo beautiful nail art,,i found something beautifull on!has anyone ever shopping in there?


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