Monday, April 28, 2014

CDB Lacquer | Doctor Who Part 2

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Today I have for you all the second half of the Doctor Who collection from CDB Lacquer. Most of you probably know by now that I am a Doctor Who super fan and I love everything Who related. We visited the First Part of the collection with Doctor Lacquer Part 1 and today I have the remaining four lacquers. The Part 1 collex was a group of four glitter toppers in a clear base. The shades today are all opaque shimmery polishes with some added glitter here and there.

The first and my favorite from the collection is Cosmic Pull.

Cosmic Pull is an opaque black lacquer with a slight silver shimmer and small round silver glitters. It dries to an uber shiny finish though my lightbox seems to have dulled the shine for these photos.

I used two coats of Cosmic Pull for this mani and the formula was great for both. I didn't add top coat due to the natural finish being crazy shiny, but I did topcoat from here on out because apparently my light box thinks non topcoated polish needs to come out matte in photos haha!

Hello Sweetie! is coming up next.

Hello Sweetie! is a bright bubbly pink with shimmer and small satiny white glitters throughout.

I used only 1 coat of Hello Sweetie! for these photos and though I did have to use a bit of a light hand, I found this polish to have a decent formula. I added one coat of top coat to really make it shine.

The blue we have all been waiting for is Magic Box inspired by the TARDIS!

Magic Box is a bright blue shimmery lacquer with almost a metallic finish.

I used two coats of Magic Box for this manicure and one coat of top coat to make it shiny. I did have some trouble with the formula here. I had a lot of streaking and dragging on the first coat here, but after I used a very light hand and it eventually evened out nicely after the second coat.

Last up is my other favorite from this collection, The Doctor Lies.

The Doctor Lies is a beautiful bright purple lacquer with tons of sparkle and an almost pink shimmer to it.

 I used two coats plus top coat for these images. I found The Doctor Lies to have an OK formula though I had some streaking. If you use a light hand you shouldn't have a problem. You can see how evenly and smooth it dried here.

What do you think of the second half of the Doctor Who collection from CDB Lacquer?

You can find this and other CDB Lacquers in their shop. Make sure to follow CDB Lacuqer and Cheyenne on social media and her blog for news, info about new collections, more swatches and other fun nail art!

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