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Cult Nails | It's A New Day

Two days in a row?! Whoa!

I am SO EXCITED about this collection!! I saw some sneak peeks of it a couple weeks ago and could not wait to get my blogger package in the mail. When I heard that it came with the stamping plate I was even more excited (why, I don't know, I am terrible at stamping haha!)

I am talking, of course, about the April release from Cult Nails, It's A New Day. This collection consists of three dreamy, creamy shades in bright pastel colors, perfect for spring. They are available for preorder now and may be available later individually if there are any left.

First up is Falling Hard.

Ahhhhhhhh! How perfect is this pink!? I am in love for sure.  

Falling Hard is the perfect bubble gum pink creme. I used two coats for these photos, but if you are careful with your application, you could probably get away with one. Falling Hard dries to a super shiny finish on its own, though I did use a top coat for these images out of habit.

The formula on Falling Hard is fantastic as is usual for Cult Nails creme shades.

I will most definitely be wearing this one a lot in the coming months.

Next up, and my favorite from the collection is Evolution.

O. M. G. Look at that creamy peachy, beautiful goodness!!!!

This polish is simply elegant and smooth and really a fantastic palette cleanser while still being a fun shade. 

Evolution is a sheer crelly style creme polish that builds easily to opacity. I used three coats here, but fr a sheer wash of color you could use one or two easily. These images are taken without top coat to show you how shiny Evolution is on its own.

Great formula, practically painted itself. This is like the peach cousin to Cult Nails Enticing, a sheer pink crelly/creme.

Looooooooooove! I really can't say enough about this polish, I love it so much. It really is perfection.

And finally, the namesake of the collection, New Day.

Beautiful. Perfect for spring. I really have nothing negative to say about any of the shades in this collection.

 New Day is a beautiful buttery yellow creme. It has the best formula of any yellow I have come across, especially for one this light in color. I used three thin coats for opacity and found it to be on the thin side, but easy to work with and self leveling. I think it is the slight thinness that makes this yellow work so well and not wind up streaky or clumpy like so many others.

Once again, I used no top coat here to show you how shiny this one dries on its own. 

 What else can I say? I'm incredibly impressed with this color and the formula. I don't think Ive ever seen a self leveling yellow before to be perfectly honest.

In addition to the three lacquers shown above, Cult Nails worked with the lovely Marta from Chit Chat Nails (one of my favorite blogs) to create a unique stamping plate that will ship free with the preorder of this collection. Below you can see the plate and the stamper set that is available in limited quantities for $6.00 from Cult Nails.

I love the rose and the argyle and the words. The text in the bottom image says "I joined the Cult and fell in Love." over and over.

I have been practicing with the new stamper and trying to perfect my technique so I can show you all, but I am terrible at it, really. Hopefully I will have some Cult Nails stamping to show you soon. Haha!


The presale for the It's A New Day collection will run until April 25th (or while supplies last). It includes the three shades shown as well as the stamping plate for $24, which is a superb deal. You can also purchase the stamping plate alone for $5.00. I suggest you make a quick decision before these are gone as the last collection's presale sold out in only a couple days!

You can purchase Cult Nails lacquer in their shop HERE. For other Cult Nails retailers click HERE.

If you are a first time Cult Nails purchaser you can get $12 off $24 on your first purchase by signing up for an account and purchasing using THIS LINK. (Please note: This collection is already discounted and is not eligible for additional discount, however, you may purchase additional shades to get the discount.)

Don’t forget to follow Maria and Cult Nails on Social Media to keep up to date on new collections, sales, swatches and more! 


I hope you all enjoyed this collection as much as I do!



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