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Nayll | Custom Nail Lacquer

I am so so so so so very excited about this post!

When I was approached by Sara of Nayll to do an all custom lacquer post I was on board right away. Nayll is a unique brand in that it runs mostly on custom lacquers created by the buyer. You choose the colors, the glitters and the other mix ins. You name the lacquer. You decide what you want it to look like.

When I started on the Nayll site I found it uber easy to use and I had about 20 lacquers in my cart within what seemed like minutes. Oops. We all know that feeling. Since Sara was nice enough to let me choose 6 lacquers to share with you, she said 3 needed to be custom and the rest could either be custom or their pre-mixed shades. Well... I could barely narrow down the customs so I just went all custom. Of course, I needed a theme. I know I just posted some Doctor Who shades, but well, I'm a tad obsessive and these are MY take on some Doctor Who lacquers.

I have one glitter topper in a clear base, one shimmer lacquer and four glitters in colored jelly bases for you today. I also have Nayll's Holy Holo Topcoat and their Smooth It Out - Glitter Topcoat to review for you. Choosing what to post first is probably the hardest part of this review. But lets go with one of my favorites, one of the colored jellies.

Here is Starry Starry Storm.

Look. At. Those. Stars!! And the squishy! I love this polish so much.

Starry Starry Storm is a mix of black and white stars, pink squares and smaller holo pink squares in a bright squishy jelly base.

I started this mani with a base of OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-y? I added two coats of Starry Starry Storm and one coat of Smooth It Out Glitter Topcoat. I found the polish to have a decent formula and it was loaded with glitter. I did have to do some glitter placement but nothing problematic, just to even it out.

I am sooooo happy with how this one came out!

The only glitter in a clear base in this group is Bad Wolf.

This baby is LOADED with glitter! I know I already have a glitter topper with the same inspiration, but I just could not resist making one myself.

Bad Wolf is a mix of all different colors, sizes and shapes of glitter in a clear base.

I used just one coat of Bad Wolf over a base of Cult Nails Manipulative. The formula was flawless and I didn't have to dig for glitter at all. I also used one coat of the Nayll glitter smoothing topcoat.

I'm impressed with this one and I think it's going to look great over a bevy of colors.

This next one is another jelly lacquer that I named For Amy.

Eek! This is perfect. PERFECT! It is exactly what I envisioned when ainwas creating this bright lacquer.

For Amy is a yellow jelly base loaded with copper and gold glitters in multiple sizes and gold stars.

I layered two coats of For Amy over Cult Nails You're My Dandy Lion. I turned the bottle over for a few minutes before painting to make the larger glitter easier to get out, but I had no problems with the formula. I used one coat of the glitter topcoat to smooth it out and make it shiny.

I really can't get enough this lacquer!

Next up is this one lacquer I did not create. This is Holy Holo Topcoat.

Sooooo sparkly!

I layered two costs of Holy Holo over a base of SpaRitual Illume for this look. The formula was fantastic and it dried so shiny that there was no need for topcoat.

This holo topcoat would look great over any color and I plan on using it a lot!

This next jelly is my FAVORITE off all the ones I made. Meet Salvage of a Lifetime.

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! SO much love for this lacquer!!! There is nothing I don't love about this combo.

Salvage of a Lifetime is a blue jelly based glitter bomb with real shards, black squares, purple hexes and small silver glitters.

I used two coats of Salvage of a Lifetime over Revlon Royal for this look. The formula was brilliant and it was completely loaded with glitter. I topped it all with the Nayll glitter topcoat.

I can't say enough about this. I stared at my nails for hours after putting it on.

Next up is the shimmer lacquer I created called Sonic It!

Sonic It! Is an aqua shimmer lacquer with a purple-pink glow to it.

I love the color this one turned out.

I used two coats of Sonic It! alone for these images. I had some slight dragging when I used too much polish on the brush but with thin coats I had no problem. There was some brush stroking though it shows less in person than in these images. I topped it all with a shiny topcoat.

Last up is the final jelly based lacquer, Volcano Day.

Volcano Day is a red jelly base with gold, orange and red circles and black diamonds as well as some micro glitters. 

This lacquer is super gorgeous and sparkles a ton. I love how bold it is.

I used one coat over Wet n Wild I Red A Good Book. It went on fine but I did do some glitter placement for the larger glitters to be even. I topped it all with the glitter smoothing topcoat.

I was really happy with all these lacquers and found the Smooth It Out Glitter Topcoat to be really helpful and it did a great job doing exactly what it was supposed to do.

I will definitely be using these again and look forward to creating more lacquers with Nayll. You can purchase your own custom lacquers from Nayll in their shop and follow them on social media for more info about the brand, swatches and announcements.

I really hope you enjoyed these as much as I did and I can't wait to see what you all create using the Nayll site!



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  1. I have been opened up to a whole new world. I may not be able to stop now I know about this!


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