Monday, January 7, 2013

Glittering Sunset Over The City

Hi there Storm Chasers!

I'm back with my first ever polish sent for review! Im SO EXCITED! I was contacted by Sana of Glitter Daze and asked if I would be willing to review her new Sunset In The City Collection. Of course I said YES!

I received the cutest little mini bottles in the mail on Thursday and spent the batter half of Saturday swatching and photographing these beauties. I have about a million photographs so if you have a slow connection, beware, this is a very photo heavy post. I was originally going to post all 5 colors for you all today but there are just too many photos. I have the first 3 in this post and then I'll have the rest for you either tonight or tomorrow morning.

On to the polish!

These lacquers are all topcoat style polish, and should be worn over another color. I swatched them all exactly the same way. My thumb, pointer and middle fingers have a base of 2 coats Milani Black Swift, which is a black creme, and my ring and pink have a base of 2 coats Cult Nails Time Traveler, which is a navy blue creme. I'm not even sure you can tell a difference in the photos, but in person the blue does give it a bit of a different look.

First up is Sundown In Seattle, a beautiful copper, red and pink multichrome with holo particles that sometimes even look a little linear. It really speaks for itself...

Just look at how beautiful that is!!! Ahhhh! You know you want to click below to read more!

Every time I tured my hand these colors shifted and gave me a slightly different look. In this one you can really see the holo and the dark tones as well as the difference the blue polish makes on the ring and pinky fingers.

Sometimes its hard to believe these are all the same color, but I swear it is!

Below you can see what I mean about the linear holo, though its not nearly as strong as in person.

Please excuse the pic spam, I really just couldn't choose!

I swear, thats the last one... of Sundown in Seattle! There are still 2 more colors to see. :)

Next up is Twilight In Tuscon and its another beauty!

I got a little less red/copper and more pink to a red leaning purple in this one. Really just beautiful in any light.

There are some great glimpses of silver in this lacquer as well.

There was less of a holo effect in this color but its still just as beautiful!

As you can see, Twilight In Tuscon is just stunning no matter the angle of the photo!

Last but definitely not least for this post is my personal favorite from the Sunset in the City Collection! If I could only own one polish from this collection, Dusky In Dallas would be it!! Looooove.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Lets see another one shall we??

Oh that was 2 more wasn't it? Sorry, I just couldn't choose! From a dusky pinking purple so a bluish silvery purple, this color has it ALL. I really can't say enough about it. Oh you want more photos?

How many was that? I don't even know anymore. Its just STUNNING! Ok only 2 more, I promise. ;)

I just couldn't help myself. Dusky In Dallas is without a doubt my standout, but which one caught your eyes? Don't forget there are 2 more coming later!

All of these polishes had a wonderful formula and I used 2 coats to get this look. You can purchase Glitter Daze at their website. Their name is the link. Full size bottles of the Sunset In The City Collection are $11.50 and mini bottles go for $6.25 each. You can also purchase the whole collection in either full size or mini sized. Go now!

Polish in this post were sent to me for review, but all opinions are my own.

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