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Cult Nails - Road Trip, Anyone?

Welcome back!

Today I have a very special collection for you! Its time for another collection from Cult Nails. This one is special because it was delivered in hand to me from Maria and John when my girlfriend and I met up with them for 4th of July fireworks last week. :) It is also special because it includes the first Cult Nails holographic lacquer, Mayhem!

The Road Trip, Anyone? collection consists of three bright summery creme shades and two special effect topcoats to make them even more special! I'll be showing two of the cremes alone and then with Mayhem, a holographic topcoat and I'll be showing the other creme alone and then topped with All Out, a shimmery summer topcoat! I'm so excited to show you these babies!

First up is the dark horse of the bunch for me, Be Loco.

When I first saw this shade it looked too similar to another Cult Nails shade, Scandalous, but once I got it on my nails... WOW! Its so much more vibrant and it is a creme, not a jelly, so the finish isn't even close to the same. I really love how bright and perfect for summer days this polish is!

I started with a base of OPI Nail Envy as usual then added 3 coats of Be Loco plus SV Topcoat for this manicure. Be Loco's formula was exactly what I expect from a Cult Nails creme, perfection!

I'll most definitely be reaching for this shade more this summer and probably all year around. I love the brightness so much!

After I took the photos for Be Loco, I layered a coat of All Out over the top of it for this next manicure. I was not ready for how pretty it turned out!

Whoa! Look at that shimmer! Perfect formula, as usual and it completely transforms the coral into a shimmery orange and yellow. I felt like I was ready for a party with this on!

I tried All Out over a bunch of colors before choosing this combo, and while this was my favorite, it looked fabulous over everything I put it on. This topcoat is super versatile and I highly suggest trying it over EVERYTHING! :D :D

The second creme in the collection is Party Time!

Party Time is a gorgeous blue creme that is super shiny even on its own! I did have some difficulty photographing this baby. It is a touch too dark in these photos.

I used two coats of Party Time topped with SV Topcoat for this manicure. 

I do want to mention that I had some trouble with staining on this one. I would highly suggest doubling up on basecoat and keeping it off your skin as much as possible when applying. 

If you do run into some staining, using some whitening toothpaste or some baking soda mixed with a little hydrogen peroxide to form a paste to brush your nails with can really lighten stains a lot.

The last of the creme shades is Riot (love love love the name) and it is absolutely without a doubt my favorite polish of the collection!

Yummy yummy yummy!! Riot is a stunning antique looking green that applied flawlessly in 2 coats and looks fabulous and smooth and shiny on.

This is one of my new top 5 lacquers. I just love everything about it. <3 <3 <3

Did I mention I love Riot? I think I could wear it for weeks and not get tired of it. ;)

Last up is the most waited for lacquer of the collection, the holographic topcoat, Mayhem! Again, perfectly fabulous name! 

Mayhem is layered here over Riot and it is such a beautiful pairing. Above is in artificial light in my living room and below is in the waning sunlight of the afternoon.

While Mayhem looks phenomenal in any light, you can clearly see that the holographic qualities really shine in the sun!

Below is and indoor shot of Mayhem over Party Time!

Even for an indoor photo there is quite a bit of rainbow peeking out here!

And one more in the sunlight shall we?


So what did you think? Do you love these summer shades? Will you buy them as a collection or do you have your eyes on one in particular? My picks from this collection are Riot, Be Loco and All Out!

You can pre-order the entire Road Trip, Anyone? collection NOW at preview pricing for only $50.00 USD! After the pre-sale is over the lacquers will retail at $12.00 each and $14.00 for Mayhem, so if you want the entire collection I would highly recommend taking advantage of the pre-sale!

Cult Nails is available at their shop and had free shipping within the US! They also ship to most places internationally. If your country is not listed drop them an e-mail and they will work with you if they can!

You can follow Cult Nails on Facebook as well as Twitter and Instagram for the latest swatches and news.

I hope you enjoyed these shades as much as I did!




  1. Love these! I already ordered them and am so excited to get them :) Great swatches too!

  2. ow! Mayhem is amazeballs! I have an older holo top coat from China Glaze back around the time of the OMG collection craze, they released one..but it does not do all this does!

  3. Lovely swatches! Do you happen to know whether Riot is similar to Illamasqua Nomad or Essie First Timer, which seem to be the same as each other? Riot looks gorgeous, but I'm trying not to double up on colours tooo much :-)

    1. Thank you! I don't have either of those colors, so I unfortunately don't know, however I haven't seen any colors quite like this one, and the formula is lovely.

  4. Beautiful swatches!! The top coats are awesome!

  5. Replies
    1. Everyone needs a little Mayhem in their life!

  6. Mayhem looks amazing :) Riot looks pretty great as well! Lovely swatches :)

    1. Riot is beautiful and Mayhem is so much fun! Thank you!


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