Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jaded Nail Co - Monsters and Ice Cream!

Hi All!

I know I know, it has been a while but I have some really great stuff coming up for you! I hope you're all staying cool in this crazy summer heat! Its been in the 90's here and I am simply melting.

On to the nails! Today I have some lacquers for you from Jaded Nail Co. I reviewed some other polishes by her here and today I have 4 more shades for you. The first one is my personal favorite out of the bunch and its the only one not from the Ghoul Spirit! Monster High Collection. This is Rainbow Sherbet:

Look how creamy and gorgeous this is!!! And the colors really remind me of a tub of Rainbow Sherbet. Yum yum!

For these photos I started with two coats of Essie Marshmallow to keep everything nice and squishy and I added two coats of Rainbow Sherbet. I topped everything off with a coat of SV to make it nice and smooth and shiny. I regretted swatching this one first because I had to take it off right after! I wanted to kee wearing it. :)

I really love this shade for summer. Its a lot of fun!

Now for the shades from Ghoul Spirit! The Monster High Collection.

First from this collection is the gorgeous Fierce Fashionista:

This is one of those color combinations that you wouldn't think will work but it looks oh so fantastic together! I love the subdued base color and then the bright pops of color, especially the pretty green stars. <3 <3 <3

I started off with a base of two coats of OPI Skull and Glossbones then I added two coats of Fierce Fashionista. I did have to dig for more stars and dab them on here and there, but it was very worth it! I topped the whole concoction with a thick coat of SV to smooth it all out.

 I have a good friend getting married this weekend and she has requested green and purple nails for the bridesmaids. This polish just may be getting the star role!

Next I have another beautiful shade. This is Granite City Baby:

Its so squishy!! I love the subtle girliness of this shade with the baby pink and blue but how it gets a little dirty with the little bits of black. :)

I used 3 coats plus SV topcoat for full coverage and had absolutely no formula trouble. Its just a lot of squishy goodness.

I think I'll be wearing this color a lot in the fall and winter. I've always loved the combination of gray and pink and this polish really does an outstanding job of showing them off together.

Last up I have a very special lacquer for you called Ghoul Power. This is a Limited Edition polish that is special in so many ways. This shade is both thermal and changes color depending on the temperature and it is also glow in the dark. I'll show you all of its changes below!

I wanted to show the versatility of this lacquer by showing it over multiple colors. I started with a different color as undies on each finger as follows.

Thumb: OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
Pointer: Lime Crime Milky Ways
Middle: Lime Crime Parfait Day
Ring: Lime Crime Lavendairy
Pinkie: Lime Crime Once In A Blue Mousse

First up is Ghoul Power when my fingers are cold:

Ahhhhh! Even just like this it is gorgeous! I love the jelly quality of Ghoul Power and you can see even here how the different undies effect the color of the polish. Also... it has STARS!

I absolutely love everything about this color. 

The next set of photos are the same manicure with my hands warm and only the tips cold. You can really see how the undies make a huge difference here!

I wanted to wear this forever and ever and ever. I've already worn this shade three times and I just can't stop playing with it when its on my fingers. Hot cold hot cold hot cold! *Laughs*

I really could stare at this all day long!

Finally I have for you two photos of this one glowing! The first one is in the dim light (sorry for the poor quality) and the second one is in full dark. :)

Even in just dim light there is a huge amount of glow to this baby!

And then the lights go out and.... BAM

I may be having too much fun. ;)

Jaded Nail Co. Lacquers are available at their store. I don't see Rainbow Sherbet listed but everything else is listed and they are linked throughout the post. Prices vary from $10 - $11 for a full size bottle.

You can follow Jaded Nail Co. on their Facebook Page and on Instagram for updates and news about the brand.

I hope you enjoyed these lacquers as much as I did! Which one was your favorite? What do you think about the thermal polish trend? I'm loving it, its like a toy on my nails. ;)




  1. Ooh I love Rainbow Sherbet and Ghoul Power! Also, I think I may need Essie Marshmallow...

    1. Essie Marshmallow is perfect under all the white crelly polish that is out lately!


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