Friday, July 12, 2013

Zombie Darling Sneaky Tiki!

Hi Gals and Guys!

I'm so glad it's Friday! I have some exciting stuff planned for the weekend including a wedding for a friend who asked me to do her and her bridesmaids nails for the ceremony and reception. I'm too excited for words and hopefully I'll have a post sometime next week about the experience!

I have another fabulous collection for you today. This one is from a close friend of mine, Cindy from Zombie Darlings. She wanted to make a bright summer holo collection that reminded of a Luau and summer drinks and tropical settings. I think she really succeeded here!

There are 5 holographic shades and one glitter topcoat in the Sneaky Tiki collection. Some of the holos are stronger than others and they are honestly all gorgeous in the sun or inside. The formulas on all of these were about the same, on the sheer side, but nothing some undies can't fix and they went on smoothly with no problems.

Shall we get started? First up is a polish that is very special to me. I had asked for a brown holo and Cindy delivered with this gorgeous deep shade. Here is Mystic Chocolate.

How gorgeous is this??? Its such a perfect chocolate shade! It makes me think of a holographic Hershey's Bar ;) What could be better than Nail Polish, Holo and Chocolate?

I started with OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys for undies then did two coats of Mystic Chocolate. I topped the whole thing with SV Topcoat for a glossy shine. I did not find that the topcoat dulled the holo on this lacquer at all.
I love how this shade pops with the holo in the sun. There is definitely more holo in these in person but below is a better idea of how they look. Its blurred to show the holo more.

I'm so happy with Mystic Chocolate and thank Cindy so so much for making it!
Next up is another that I absolutely love (lets be serious, I love them all), Key Lime Colada.
Key Lime Colada is a neon green holographic that just screams summer! I'll be weraring this a lot in the coming months.

For this manicure I started with undies of Wet N Wild Nerd Alert: Screech and then again, did two coats of Key Lime Colada and topped with SV for shine.

It is a bit harder to see the holo in this lacquer in these photos, but I promise it is there!!
Now I have for you the only non holo of the collection Luau.

Luau is made of multi sized and colored and shaped glitters in a clear base.

The really special thing about this polish is that the glitters are the same colors as the other 5 colors in the collection. I thought it was a really nice touch and really tied the collection together.

I used one coat of Luau over Cult Nails Vicious and I had no problems with formula or glitter payoff.
This next bright baby is Maui Now (Love the name)
You can really see the holo here and its just super shiny and sparkly even inside. <3

I did two coats of Maui Now over L'Oreal Not A Cloud In The Sky for this beautiful manicure.
The next color is the least holo of the holographic lacquers but it is still gorgeous and definitely the prettiest indoors. This is Tequila Sunrise.
Tequila Sunrise is a holo poloish with a bit of a gold shimmer and some small glitters thrown in for some extra sparkle. I really love how creamy this looks on my nails and the color is perfect for my skintone.

I started with a base of China Glaze Passion for Petals then added two coats of Tequila Sunrise and topped it with SV.

Once again, formula on this was perfect and I will most definitely be wearing this year round as one of my go-to lacquers.
Last but definitely not least is the other strong holo of the collection, Royal Orchid.
Woooooow! I love how deep the color on this is and it is perfect for dressing up and going out. I can see this color following through all the way to the fall.

Royal Orchid was two coats over OPI Anti-Bleak and then topped with SV for shine.

The photos for these were done later in the day than the others so there is a bit more shadow showing, but the holo really stood out!
What did you think of this collection??? I loved it!
You can buy Zombie Darlings polish at their shop. You can follow Zombie Darlings on Instagram @zombiedarlings for news, swatches and new collection.


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  1. These are all so gorgeous! My favorite of this bunch is Mystic Chocolate because a brown holo is pretty unique and I love lime so I also love Key Lime Colada.


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